He meets Katherine,

Jules and Brady and more wolves and goes through his tough times when he triggers the wolf gene (Lockwood Curse) when he killed his best friend Jimmy by accident.

When he hears of his brother (Tyler's father Richard) demise, he goes to Falls Church to pay respects and to find the moonstone in hopes to cure himself and others alike with the help Katherine, a vampire who is with him during the entire ordeal. Then the story switches to Tyler and his early days before the gene was triggered and Mason came back to town. Born in 1974, Tyler grew up as a spoiled, selfish, entitled child, due to his father having a high status in Falls Church, as they were descended from one of the town's founders, Jacob Lockwood. He often remarks that the Lockwoods were the real founders of the town instead of the Fells, and is also very prone to anger. Tyler is an 18-year-old direct descendant of the Lockwoods that were present at the founding of Falls Church.


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