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At the Founder's Day Kick-Off Party, Tyler met Matt's mother, Kelly Donovan, and they started talking and made out. When Matt saw this, he was furious and Matt and Tyler got into a fist-fight. His father was also very angry and told him that he'll never disgrace his family again. However, Tyler and Matt are shown to have became friends again.

Before Founder's Day, the existence of werewolves and him being one was unknown, although there were small hints to him being a werewolf. His werewolf eyes were first seen in this episode. He was driving with Matt, taking Caroline home. When the strange device that hurts vampires was activated he started to drive recklessly and crashed his dad's car.

His eyes turn yellow when he was getting checked and were only seen by the paramedic when Tyler was unconscious. Afterwards someone found Caroline unconscious from the injuries and she was taken to the hospital, where Dick, Matt, Jeremy and Tyler were waiting to find out the results of her surgery. Her mother Elizabeth Forbes came and asked him to call his mother, then informed him that his father was dead. He threw a tantrum that frightened his mother that night, and revealed to her that he hated his father. It took Mason a while to get him to calm down. Tyler was confused about why he behaved the way he did, and Mason told him it was the Lockwood curse.


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