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They viewed a video of Mason through his first transformation and Tyler freaks out, believing he could never go through this, but Caroline comforts him. Together, Tyler and Caroline prepare for Tyler's first full moon. Tyler chains himself up in the ruins of the old Lockwood Estate and forces Wolfsbane from a drink down his throat. He gags and sprawls forward, coughing. His transformation starts and he screams of in horrific pain ans his joints and bones made terrifying cracks and snaps, tearing as his chains. Finally, Caroline is forced to leave when Tyler becomes wolfish and stays outside worrying.

When it all stops, Caroline finds Tyler still chained but frightened and hugs him, holding Tyler as he cries from shock.

Tyler went to the Mystic Grill to meet Jules, an old friend of Mason's from Florida who reveals that she is a werewolf as well. She tells Tyler all about what she knows about Caroline and that there are other vampires in town. Tyler does not believe her, being protective of Caroline after all she had helped him with. Then Jules told Tyler that Mason was nearly killed by vampire`s and Caroline was in on it. The next day Tyler confronts Caroline and asks her if it's true that Damon and Stefan are vampires and if they tried to kill Mason. Caroline tells him the truth, but she walked in on it as Bonnie was leaving in a rush to get out of the Salvator house for some reason which angers him and he pushes Caroline against her car, and says that he trusted her and she betrayed him by lying about vampires before he walks away.

Later he and Jules have conversation where Jules wants him to go with her Tyler says he can't. Then he finds Stefan in his house.


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