Season 4, Episode 01 Part 1
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Air date Fall 2015
Written by User:kingj0oew2010
Directed by kingj0oew2010
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The families have all gathered in a reunion that almost turns downhill after one particular face shows up to wreck the party.


The families in the Old West district were in hiding from hunters sent out by a mysterious force to kill off all the remaining wolves to keep the prophecy from coming forth. Reign stopped the hunters and gathered the wolves and discovered they were of his pack. They were young and scared and freaking out because of the horror they lived through every since turning and being on the run. He and his sired vamps gathered the young wolves and they forged a pact to keep the people of the district safe. Reign's parents talked about the outcome of the prophecy if things were to go south.

Margarette and her adopted mother Grace talked about Reign and their friendship/relationship and Drake discovered that Marg was having problems due to her new developments as a kitsune. Her powers kept the four allies safe from the explosion at the end of season 3. Kain talked with Tiarra and her allies about the wars and how things may be headed downhill if a peace wasn't settled. Grace asked Solomon if he and Reign had their talk yet and he said they'd do it at the reunion.

At the Thanksgiving get together the families came together baring gifts and shared interesting stories about how things evolved over the years. Reign, Solomon and his group sat on 1 side of the room as Tyler and his family sat on the opposite side. Marg and Bonnie sat in between the two factions and everyone else were scattered. Solomon and Reign walked outside to talk about the future and taking his position as the alpha. He was still dealing with his conflict of redemption every since the war and he and Marg's constant struggles. His father told him that it was all apart of growth he was about to step into and the destiny he was getting ready to endure and walk into. Marg and Bonnie talked as Drake showed up and they all sat amongst themselves playing dominoes. Everyone was having a good time then all of a sudden an old face appeared to the two young wolves talking outside. They were terrified and obeyed the command of the stranger as they fetched for Reign and Solomon.

The Old One, Vale, also know as the Impaler. He was very pale and very handsome, but dark and with him were two other sires. The adult heads came together as Mason and Marshall gathered the children in the other room to play games so they would be unaware of the fight to come should there be one. Vale simply stated his love for the holidays and said he was determined to take his lands back. But he wanted to let the people enjoy their last days on the planet. Reign told him he was out of his mind and heart and that he would not allow that as the winner of the games and the new alpha. He stated he was over both species and also some of the under developed wolves.

He was about to test Reign when another stopped him cold in his tracks, Zander! Zander, the alpha of the pre-mortial lycanthrope pack was the great grandfather of Tyler. He and his pack left and his family chatted about things other than what was going to happen and how things would wait until after Thanksgiving. Reign didn't really celebrate these type of holidays since learning his history, but just treated as the opposite to start his own reasoning on celebrating this holiday others to come.

Katherine and her daughter Nadia showed up and Mason and her talked. Tyler and Nadia shared a drink and danced and it was revealed they were both hoping that Mason and Kat tied the knot and he did! Everyone applauded like a "finally" and "this is awesome" chants started as laughter went around the room. Solomon toasted to this union and the future to come. Marg and Reign talked and Kat asked Reign to dance after the two were done dancing and she asked how her "son" was. A bit uneasy, Reign shrugged, but with a kiss on the cheek from his legal mom he drifted off in thoughts of the past.

At the end of the party, the families all shared their stories and left gifts and went there separate ways as the others were amazed for once nothing bad happened and everyone enjoyed themselves. Vale was busy watching and having fun of his own as her was growing his unnoticed empire in secrete. The Old West district was rebuilt and repaired and running like new and the species coexisted with humans. The Mayor was running his last campaign as he was getting ready to step down and Marg and Reign put aside their fears and differences and finally became completley intimate. Tyler and Caroline went clothes shopping for their twins. Marshall visited his parents' gravesides and Mason and Katherine talked about what to expect as Thanksgiving was actually successful.

But who knew it would soon be over as another dark force would appear to aid Vale. His lover. His wife. His everything. The one who helped him become who he is. Lilith!

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