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Season 4, Episode 01 Part 1
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Air date Fall 2015
Written by User:kingj0oew2010
Directed by kingj0oew2010
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Season 3 4x02 Hail To the King

The episode will air Halloween night and will feature a preview of the season 4 scenarios. It will be Werewolf centric and will center around the city of Arlington, Tx and its factions and the links to the bloodlines and generational curses and prophecies. Also, there will a tell that will show how everything started plus the big reveal of an enemy that will shake the very foundations of the series.

Music will be included by artist such PARTYNEXTDOOR, The Weeknd, Adele, One Republic, and more.


In the aftermath of season 3's finale, a mysterious force appeared having wiped away all magic and the creations thereof. The sinster forces now plot to create a Utopia, but have no idea that a handful of survivors are still standing.


Mason has gotten a new job and is happy about his position at the college campus as the coach for the schools athletic program. He is now a human again and things are okay, but he still grieves every night as he cries himself to sleep in missing his one and only true love Katherine, who perished when all the sire lines were destroyed in the climatic battle and the Other Side collapsed. Tyler has been doing whatever he could to stay busy as he is working on a scholarship for his studies and athletics. He also got a good paying job to help out his grandmother out in the country from time to time. Reign has been m.i.a. for some time now and has been on a quest to find out the truth behind what really happened, his past, his true family and comes across an old letter in an old book with a long list of addresses and names. So he books a trip to Arlington, Texas right after he visits the grave sites of his parents and fallen comrades. Margarette is out with her friends studying and is coming to terms with being human again and with no magic she can finally live normal again. But all of that is about to change.

A mysterious group called the Manhattans have come back to town and has the city in an uproar over territory and Margarette and Mason are not too thrilled about the latest developments surrounding the city. In her class, Marg meets a new girl named Tiarra and she shares a similar attribute Marg does - she too was a witch from the same bloodline!

Mason breaks up a fight with some students and one of them tries to fight him, but is tazed by Mason's co- worker Henry Marshall, the assistant head coach. Marshall says he knows a lot about the Manhattans and how they are bad news.

Reign finally arrives in Arlington and Marg picks up his vibe and alters Tyler after she runs into him after class to study for an exam. Mason and Marshall attend the town meeting and learn these people aren't really human and share some "wolf traits". Mason remembers that the Manhattans are rivals of the Founding families and were once the most notorious pack out there at the time. They had the witches at their beck and call and the humans at their mercy. But the Lockwoods stood up against them until a peace between them was set and the old leader died. The children of the tyrants forged an oath in blood of the treaty between packs and boundaries were set up until the civil war happened that put it in void once one line broke the oath by siding with a vampire to overthrow the leaders and start an anarchy.

To end the reign of terror, the friends decide to throw a party for Halloween and use the "TROJAN HORSE" method to sneak into the locations of the tyrants and take them out one by one w/o anyone noticing and freeing the captives who went missing (the mayor, his family; ect). They were being held due to blackmail and ransom as if the mayor didn't fork up what they needed the secrets of the town would be exposed and the truth about the who war would come out!

The crew managed to take out the Manhattans during the new moon before midnight and saved the captives. By the time the next day hit, things were silent. Reign read the book and held a ring in his hand and noticed it had the same symbol as his birth mark on his body, a full moon!

As he began to leave to investigate the this mystery a certain group met him at the door telling him to come with them if he wanted or rather 'needed' to know more about the mystery of what he discovered. Margarette was also visited by 3 females and one male, one being her classmate Tiarra. Mason and Tyler were met by Marshall who revealed to the some info on the city that could change everything.

As the Fall Festival and more events are around the corner, so is a darker evil, watching from the shadows. But what do they seek and why are they there?

The Mayor and his family open a chest full of something that makes them all look at each other in shock that has a letter written in blood that reads "YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU OWE! P.S. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! LOL".........


More detail - TBA.




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