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Season 4, Episode 01 Part 1
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Air date Fall 2015
Written by User:kingj0oew2010
Directed by kingj0oew2010
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Season 4x01 4x03 No Thanksgiving

Music will be included by artist such PARTYNEXTDOOR, The Weeknd, Adele, One Republic, and more.


When the Fall Festival comes around again, secrets come out of hiding. Reign learns about his origins and this makes a conflict with Margarette's family tithes that question their relationship. Tyler, Mason & Marshall learn about the Lockwood secrets that reshape Mason & Tyler's family history and Kain and others return as the original "alpha" appears and leaves a devastating impression on the city folk.


Mason receives a letter in the mail about Tyler's DNA results after the meeting with Marshall about the Lockwoods. Tyler finds out that he was adopted and that his real father was killed years ago by a the Manhattans long ago after the Tyler's birth. Mason was his dad's best friend and like a brother to him since he was adopted also (along with Ty's dad) and they go to the whereabouts of Tyler's grandmother Alice who lives in the bayou in New Orleans.

Margarette and Tiarra bond as she is told about her people and her ancestor Bonnie who was the original Bennett witch that saved her village during the trials at Salem. She Learned of the spell Zeus put on Lycoan for his acts of abomination thus creating Lycaon, the father of the lycaothropes (werewolves).

As Reign listened to the story further, he discovered that his father was a legend with both a light & dark past. He was a holy man and Drake was his best friend. Drake was the 3rd like Klaus & Solomon. Drake was not only his best friend, but his half brother due to infidelity of the father and his mistress. Back then, werewolves had long life spans and were immortal. But after the war with the hunters, they were cursed to age and die like humans and cursed to turn every full moon as the vamps were caused to fear the sun and their other weaknesses. As years went on, Solomon took his family and his child to a widow named Alice to be raised. Solomon was human when the baby was born and so was his mother. His wife had long pasted as he was with the mother of the baby boy and she too was a human at the time. They prayed over him before departing from enemies and were told of a prophecy that one day he would unite the tribes against an evil soon to come. But it wouldn't be easy.

Reign & Margarette were told to stay clear from each other due to another civil war brewing between rightful owners of the city's estates and land left by the forefathers. They had friction, but they would soon learn that love was stronger than hatred due to past issues and ancient grievances. At the Fall Festival, everyone came out and were having a good time. Kain appeared and offered a peace offering to Reign and the two shared a drink and talked about life changes. They also learned that they weren't so different after all. Drake would appear and attack Margarette, but only to protect her from harm of witches seeking her out. They learn she is an heir to the throne and would be Bonnie's successor to free her people from the oppression of their enemies.

Tyler was furious about what he had learned and was grieving after everything he lost soaked in. His friends, his family and now this. His world looked like it was crumbling until he discovered a bottle with a note in it. It had instructions left inside of it and it was something he had been searching for a long time. Mason and Marshall talked about the covens and how to set the bar for a new age if and when something did happen. Marshall said the full moon wolves were of the original pack from old and were the first to go toe to toe with the Old Ones. Tyler was the son of an alpha chief and he noticed the twins were also heirs. Tyler met with Alice who gave him an option, he could use the note to bring his friends back or he could turn it down. The price was his future. If he decided to turn his back on his friends due to old feuds then he would get his wish, but if not Reign would be next up or Margarette. He passed her test and he reunited with his cousin Caleb (in his original body) and learned the spell was to bring the vampire who linked them all back. Their worst fear and the sire of their friend. When he died, they did also including his twins and the love of his life.

Reign and Kain were met by Tiarra and two others and were taken down and abducted and taken to a location near the mayor's office. Reign and Kain awakened and were untied by Margarette and and they learned that the heirs would be divided if they did not come together and stop this war from brewing. Alice also brought Marshall, Tyler and Mason in the room and told them about what was then and what was now giving this generation a chance to "be free". As the spell worked the once extinct allies were in the room awakened and fed and so was another, Drake. Drake and Kain attacked him for what happened to Marg in which she stopped them. Kain and Reign learned that they were cousins and that Drake was Kain's biological father. Solomon was the most terrifying one in the room. He had a reputation for mayhem and a rap sheet a mile long, but his good deeds outweighed them though. He reveal that he was Reign's biological father and mother was alive and well and that the biological mother was somewhere in New Orleans, shocking the crowd. Tyler also learned that Caroline was with his twins and this shed light on the myths.

A bomb went off and panic and chaos ran ammuck amongst the people their at the event. The Manhattans that were still alive attack in revenge of what happened at the Halloween party. The next day, Reign was given a note to "walk in the calling". He knew he had to make some changes and choices and he knew since his win at the tournament he had yet to rule. He gathered his belongings and set out to bring his sired and his people together and make a peace toward them as this new threat was emerging fast and in a hurry. To save lives were at stake and things were getting even more bloodier as a sleeping monster had awakened thanks to a spell from a worthy ally - the Impaler.......

to be continued.





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