Season 4, Episode 01 Part 2
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Air date Fall 2015
Written by User:kingj0oew2010
Directed by kingj0oew2010
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Season 4x07 4x09 They All Fall Down


(Season 4 Part 2 - Pilot) The 3 years have passed and the city is back at it's prime. Reign has buried his fallen and now sets foot into the graveyard to talk with his parents and lost love ones at their grave sites. Tyler and Caroline are living in Arlington now as Marshall and Mason have been promoted to a new roll in the education department. All seems well until a dark force arrives to bring things from the deep back to the top light.


Reign is having flashbacks of his life with Margaret and how she made her sacrifice to give Reign a shot at fulfilling his goal as leader of the new school pack. He pours out liquor for his fallen comrades and has a long chat with his parents about what lies ahead for him. He has been cut throat with his rule every since the battle against the Old Ones. Katherine is sitting at home looking through an old photo album of her, Nadia & Reign and has a flashback of when they had to flee from terror. She snaps out of it though when Nadia calls.

Elsewhere, a terror unlock no other has resurfaced and has left a trail of dead corpse in the bloody path. Mason and Kat investigated the scene and also learned there was more to this story. From the Old Ones arriving and all of the events since then and all of the different scenarios leading up to this one event now.

VAMPIRE HUNTER RAYNA CRUZ ARRIVES TO AGG TOWN -- When complications from her supernatural pregnancy leave Caroline’s life hanging in the balance, Tyler, Nora and Valerie take extreme measures to try and save her and the babies. Meanwhile, after uncovering a dark secret about Reign, Enzo uses the information to force Reign into helping him track down Rayna Cruz, a ruthless supernatural hunter who is on the loose. However, when Reign’s actions inadvertently put everyone he loves in Rayna’s path, he is forced to make things right before it’s too late.

As Reign heads to to home to get his compass to locate Rayna he is met by Katherine to talk about what she and Mason has figured out. She tries to get him to let go and turn his humanity back on, but he is to far gone to even consider it due to what happened 3 years ago. Rayna attacks Nadia and Tiarra and are saved by Kain who has awakened again. He said Margaret sent him to help aid them against the evil they face. He explains why she is there and also the mystery surrounding the Phoenix Stone also appears and how it ties into Reign's story.

The Phoenix Stone is a red, round-cut gemstone with several veins within that swirl when activated. The stone was part of The Phoenix Sword created as a supernatural prison to trap and house vampires souls. Zeus used this stone to trap all the creatures threatening humanity with it and passed it down to his daughters and sons down the line. Lycaon's descendants also carried the burden as they warred with the enemies as redemption for past crimes committed by their forefathers. This brings tithes with her and Reign.

Rayna is an enhanced human hailing around the 19th Century, the daughter of Vicente Cruz, who was a member of the Brotherhood of the Five, and is a malevolent vampire huntress whose sole purpose is to eradicate and incarcerate vampires within the Phoenix Stone. After being forced to kill her father by Julian, she became enhanced by shamans to get vengeance on Julian and his Heretic family, stabbing Beau in the neck with her sword and killing Julian with it. Her main target is the Fall bloodline. She is willing to kill everyone, no matter the species, that dare to stand in her way. The weapon she wielded would be a useful tool in dominance.

She appeared at the location where Tyler, the Heretics and Mason where and attacked and killed Beau, who was later found to be Reign's uncle. Reign hears about this and he and Enzo locate Rayna and the two fight and Reign somehow defeats her and takes the weapon. The weapon somehow corrupts him due to its dark aura. Rayna explains in a prophecy the imminent destruction of the remaining Original 4 bloodlines and their sirelines (those connected included) as the result of a mysterious weapon that may or may not involve what is referred to as "the Beast." Her mission was to stop it and slay all in her way. That was the real reason The Familyhood of the Five were originally created.

The Blood Moon, sometimes called the Sanguine Moon, causes increased aggression in werewolves, and many more people are carriers and transformed thereby causing exponential increases in werewolf activity. The new werewolf births are fitting since the blood moon is the moon of origin for Werewolves. On that day, one would arrive and destroy everything. And that night was coming soon.

Bloodmoon Prophecy:

"It is time we spoke of this. The legend tells of a time that occurs once in each era, when a demon god will walk the land in the company of his Hounds, creatures of terrible might. He is The Hunter, and his coming is preceded by three signs. I had prayed that I had misread the signs, misunderstood the prophecy, but I am sure it is not so."

three signs:

"The first tells of Fire From the Eye of Glass. This we have seen on Lake Falls, though I had hoped it was the mere magic of the draugr lord. Next, the prophecy tells us of the Tide of Woe. Even now, our shores are lined with the corpses of the horkers, dead for a reason we cannot fathom. Finally, the prophecy tells us of the Bloodmoon, when the young moon itself runs red with the blood of the Hunter's prey. Look to the skies, Fells Church. The third sign is upon us. Now we wait for the Hunter's Game."

Hunter's Game:

"According to legend, it varies from era to era. Our Grandfathers' Grandfathers tell of a time when the Hunter and his Hounds preyed upon entire tribes of men. Taken to the Hunting Grounds, the men were hunted by the Hounds. The ones that died were the lucky--the survivors faced the Hunter himself. In another era, the Hunter took only a single man as his Prey. It is said if the Prey can last through the Bloodmoon, the Hunter returns to his demon realm for another era. We have only to await the Hunter's plan."

Hunter's plan:

"There is little to be done until he lets it be known to us. Certainly it will not be long. I fear for our people, Fells Church. There is little I can do to protect them in these times. I have only to pray to the Creator that he watches over us and keeps us from the Hunter's grasp."

As she told them the spill, things quieted as Caroline gave birth to the twins. Tyler stayed in the hospital as Rayna's new task was to gaurd them and told Enzo that for now eveything between them was mutual and that the bigger threat was still out there. Kat and Mason talked with Marshall on face time as he had wolves scout for Reign's whereabouts. Tiarra and Kain visites an old friend and Reign was now in possession of the weapon and his empire was just about finished. "Now it was time to finish what was started long ago"...

2 B KON10UED....



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