Season 4, Episode 01 Part 2
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Air date Fall 2015
Written by User:kingj0oew2010
Directed by kingj0oew2010
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Season 4x09 4x12 The Perfect Storm


The Morts have been brought back and now they have been targeting those who weren't fit to rule the city. Reign regrouped so he could heal and deal with this threat once and for all. Marshall, Trevor and Rayna met up and talked about the new threat and how they would settle scores once it is taken care of. They hooded figure with a wolf following him came across many groups and revealed his power to them. He made slaves out of those who were without power and took over the citadel.

Reign traveled to New Orleans and ran into Margaret and he was shocked. She was too as Kain and Tiarra arrived to take them to Klaus' home. Klaus told them the story of the Societies and of the hunters. When he learned Rayna Cruz was around he jumped up shocked. He then proceeded to tell the story. Rayna was born to a man named Vicente and an a woman named Valerie in New Orleans but at some point relocated with her father to St. Malo, Louisiana after her mother pasts from illness. Her father was one of the Brotherhood of the Five. Eventually, she convinced her father to train her as a vampire hunter. When she was older, Julian attacked the settlement they lived in. Her father tried to save the villagers, however, lost against him. Rayna interrupted Julian before he could kill her father and told him her father was one of the Five. Instead of killing her father, and receiving the Hunter's Curse, Julian compelled Rayna to kill him.

In order to get revenge, Rayna teamed up with a group of Native American shamans who sacrificed themselves and cast a spell on Rayna, endowing her with powerful abilities that would allow her to kill vampires. She was also bestowed with the Phoenix Sword that the shamans supposedly custom made just for her and the Phoenix Stone, two powerful and mystical artifacts that when combined together can entrap any vampire's soul within the stone where they are forced to endure a personal hell for all eternity. At some point in the mid-late 19th Century, she began to hunt the Heretics along with Julian and Lily Salvatore. She pursued them across Europe for decades and at some point, branding Beau with an "X" shaped scar and killing Julian, imprisoning his soul within the Phoenix Stone.

At some point before The Originals fled New Orleans Rayna returned to her birthplace. Once back she wreaked havoc on the vampire community for years earning a fearsome reputation that even made Klaus himself fearful. She later met Trevor and Marshall who teamed with her to help rid the lands of other species in hopes of bringing her father and mother back but was betrayed once Trevor gained access to the grimoire for Lily. Lily needed a strong help to push her agenda and in order to remove competition she needed the hunters and her rivals to war and do her a favor.

The Heretics have been living with Klaus for some time now and Rayna was on the hunt for any remaining member of the cult that sided with foes to unleash hell on Earth as that was her main priority now.

Mason and Katherine had tracked down the group as they found out that Klaus and Nora were captured and the baby Hope was being held somewhere in the graveyard. Reign and the packs had to team up to save them as if they died then the lines would be eliminated and the birth of a plague would start. Reign and Rayna managed to get to the other end of the yard and stopped the witch Lily and her followers as Tyler and Jeremy killed Marshall's men. Trevor was slain by Rayna in revenge as Mason, Kat, Reign & Nadia killed Marshall in his powerful form after absorbing the stones. Lily took one final task in stopping her foes from foiling her plan and Reign knew that he made a promise to vanquish and who threatened the city or any he cared for.

With the city saved from Lily's terror, Reign regrouped and so did the Kitsune. All of the vampires had no leader until now and the worst wasn't over...

2 b con10ued....



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