Season 4, Episode 01 Part 2
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Air date Fall 2015
Written by User:kingj0oew2010
Directed by kingj0oew2010
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Season 4x09 4x13 Man On Fire



...three signs: "The first tells of Fire From the Eye of Glass. This we have seen on Lake Falls, though I had hoped it was the mere magic of the draugr lord. Next, the prophecy tells us of the Tide of Woe. Even now, our shores are lined with the corpses of the horkers, dead for a reason we cannot fathom. Finally, the prophecy tells us of the Bloodmoon, when the young moon itself runs red with the blood of the Hunter's prey. Look to the skies, Fells Church. The third sign is upon us. Now we wait for the Hunter's Game."

Hunter's Game: "According to legend, it varies from era to era. Our Grandfathers' Grandfathers tell of a time when the Hunter and his Hounds preyed upon entire tribes of men. Taken to the Hunting Grounds, the men were hunted by the Hounds. The ones that died were the lucky--the survivors faced the Hunter himself. In another era, the Hunter took only a single man as his Prey. It is said if the Prey can last through the Bloodmoon, the Hunter returns to his demon realm for another era. We have only to await the Hunter's plan."

Hunter's plan: "There is little to be done until he lets it be known to us. Certainly it will not be long. I fear for our people, Fells Church. There is little I can do to protect them in these times. I have only to pray to the Creator that he watches over us and keeps us from the Hunter's grasp."...

...As Reign has learned more about Lycaon and how he had two other siblings. They were triplets! After careful observations, Reign began to dwell on all the events happening from the prophecy, the Rayna scenario and the factions fighting for control of the city-state. Reign then put the book down just to pick it up once again. He continued to read more & more about his people and origins and also on other species related the the story. All foxes exhibit some level of magical ability including shape-shifting into people, other creatures, and inanimate objects. These powers increase with age and wisdom. In ancient stories, some foxes use their magic for good while others are malevolent. They are often portrayed as tricksters. Some of the stories are comical while others are deeply emotional love stories featuring human/fox pairings...

The witches of old see that these threats have become a major issue and decide to come together and perform a spell that will wipe out generations of species and 'clean up the mess' that Zeus created long ago. In learning the plot, Kain gathered his people and met with Tiarra and Reign and they joined forces to battle their foes. With the prophecy looming overhead, Rayna eventually joined as this plot was something that was deadly to all of them.

The families gathered and out flanked them as Reign completed the tasks and thus steals the grimoire. It glows and the storm spell is in his possession as he turns the tides on them by causing the rain to turn into a mixture of the various species' weaknesses to stop the army the foes had raised. With his family safe and sound and away from the city, Reign destroys the enemies and along with it the city of Falls Church. The outcome of the spell was devastating to all species. The remaining werewolves were further pushed near the edge of extinction after the hurricane. Not all the witches knew of the spell and thus many suffered the consequences, killing a lot of the species. Human casualties were also present. The city’s very own geography was demolished and unrecognizable by the usual townsfolk. Witches having been killed off in great numbers lost their authority over their town and were forced to leave as Reign seized power and turned a majority of the surviving humans, using them as an army against both.

This was the beginning of the end as the oracle's 3rd sign was completed...

2 b con10ued...



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