Season 4, Episode 01 Part 2
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Air date Fall 2015
Written by User:kingj0oew2010
Directed by kingj0oew2010
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Season 4x09 4x15 The Day the Earth Stood Still


...(FLASBACK) - Lily Leroux, the daughter of the coven's fallen leader Zeus, had returned and had decided to take matters into her own hands and seize control over the witches and all before her, re-casting a spell that would open a door from the repaired Other Side allowing thousands of witches to come back through to the land of the living as extremely physically strong beings under her control...

...(PRESENT) - Lily's spell was strong enough to ripple throughout most of the New World, resurrecting any dead witch in its path to do her bidding. Les Morts Vivants were members of the New Orleans covens and were the only other undead creatures known to have been more powerful than the The Originals and other powerful species.

Rayna and Jeremy hear about it and are met by the Tiarra and the other kitsune who decide to team up again to stop the spell from going forth. Reign is met by Margaret and he lets his guard down a bit and they talk. Reign agrees to help and it seems the humanity is coming back on thought he is still in his ways. They come up with a plan to keep the Armory busy as they are there to see that the prophecy doesn't come forth.

Klaus and Nora are talking about baby Hope and how things aren't so different and they make up after an argument about Hope's future and get ambushed by the Amory who were sent by Lily. Matt and Penny discuss things about how crazy Falls Church is and they kiss. They get a phone call that Rayna has turned up and Jeremy is with her. As they go to the door the two hunters are there already.

Margaret and Kain gathered the herbs to create a spell to locate Klaus and Nora. They compel one of the spies after Rayna stabs him and tells him that he will remove the paste to help them into the location of where Klaus and the heretic are being held captive. The coven would use these 2 vessels as sacrifices to bring back an ancient evil. Rayna was alerted by the mark as the spy was compelled to do so and she stormed the compound. The others fought their way to Klaus and Nora. Elsewhere, Reign wouldn't just let it go down for this threat was harming his 'kingdom' so as promised he and his guard attacked in stealth to save the day also.

Tyler & Caroline are now in Arlington and talking about life and how things changed them and they have a heart to heart. They talk about raising kids and other life stuff and that they deserve happiness. They hug and begin to cook together as Tyler tells Caroline she can stay as long as she likes and that he'll take care of both her and their kids and that regardless of the past all will be fine.

At the defeat of the warriors, Reign's thirst for blood grew as the curse made him even more unstable and he began attacking innocent bystanders. Rayna said the sword makes the wielder unstable and wants to kill in the hunter's thirst for dead vampires or anyone in the way. The sword he took from the Rayna battle was to install fear in those who attacked his home. He chased down every witch and slaughtered them in retaliation for trying to kill his loved ones and for plotting to use the babies as sacrificial host once the parents were dead and the invaders could grow up anew. He chased one to Arlington and slayed them right before they could get across the street to Tyler's.

The more Reign killed, the more stronger the urge becomes. This urge is purely instinctual and seems to worsen with age and begin to affect the mind. As the desire to kill vampires or any other species for that matter he has had a huge impact on Reign's mental stability in which he accidentally mistaken clerks for a vampires or some other forces, whom he staked, leading Lucy and Katherine to confine him to his home and go to see him as he constantly leaves. The negative consequences when the body isn't connected with their own soul is memory lost and blood addiction which leads the vampire to become an "Ripper." With Reign's wolf side and still holding on to self grief he is out of control and now they had to stop him at all cost.

They manage to cut Reign off while he was on I-20 heading back to Falls Church to kill any foes plotting evil and this made him ruthless and unstoppable like Rayna but through this Rayna herself began to wake up after this revelation of being away for so long. They had to take him down now! When Reign was confronted by his family members and the huntress, he began to trip out. Then Lily and her surviving members attacked and he stopped them as he cut his humanity back on in order to save his loved ones and the place they dwelled in and all its inhabitants. He then tossed the sword on the ground and dropped to his knees. Lily made one final assault and Reign jumped in front of Rayna and was impaled. Rayna quickly grabbed the sword as Katherine raged and snapped Lily's neck and threw her off the bridge. Reign lay asleep as he dreamed of a field with pretty colors and his fallen friends. He also saw his parents. Elsewhere, Matt, Meredith, Penny and Grace were shocked as Margaret showed signs of life as she exhaled deeply and opened her eyes! She felt something wrong with Reign and a tear fell from her eyes as she lie there in her bed seemingly lifeless.

Reign laid to rest, but his body kept safe. Rayna was on her way as she bidded deceased parents' graveside farewell. Klaus was back to normal after a good night's rest and Tyler & Caroline were enjoying parenthood. Everyone was enjoying their win but at the cost of a loved one. They had a wake and home going for Reign. He had impacted a lot of people. Tyler remembered him as his rival, then bff, then enemy, but most of all family and the God-parent of his twins. Everyone took it hard. Some worst then others...

...In the wake of the events Falls Church gets a lot of heavy rain and storms and floods due to the energies from the spells as the door to the repaired other side is now closed for good. The next day goes by with the sun shining and all seemed well, but that night, a black cat came unto the door and turned into a figure and knocked. As soon as the resident knocked on the door, the cat went in undetected and turned human and compelled them to retrieve the 'toys'...

...(FLASH FORWARD) YEARS FROM NOW - A hooded figure sat looking at the television broadcasts and along with red glowing eyes in the darkness behind them, they banged on the door where on the other side some others held guns and weapons ready to fight once the door flew open...

...2 b con10ued...



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