Season 4, Episode 01 Part 2
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Air date Fall 2015
Written by User:kingj0oew2010
Directed by kingj0oew2010
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Music in this episode sountrack are performed by Roy Woods, Lana Del Rey, Fall Out Boy, J.P. Hooqx, Kat Graham, Hurts and other various artist as usual.


Reign lay in room filled with lights and a picture of him painted as a king on a throne surrounded by a fire and wolf skins. He held in his hand a sword and on the sword it read "PSALMS 23". He woke and next to him was a little child playing with a rubix cube. As he got up to get closer the child began to move very fast and all of a sudden disappeared. Then he was in a field of colors and it was like heaven and he heard someone say "King" and when he turned he saw two people in all white standing there. It was his real parents and he knew he was in a place of peace only a few make it too.

Margaret was packing her things and decided to go on a road trip to forget about the past and other stuff because the hurt was to great. She had some pets to keep her company and Tiarra gave her a notepad to jot down her thoughts in a diary. Tyler & Caroline talked about when they were in high school and how they met and how things changed and wanting to better their lives and get closer to God and stuff and to be their for each other and for their kids no matter what because Reign would've wanted that.

Mason, Katherine, Nadia and Caleb decided to take a cruise and just enjoy life and invited Tyler & Caroline on it. They kids stayed with Grace back in the country away from everything. Kain and Tiarra went on the cruise also. Rayna was busy training and found a book of her mom's journals that had fallen off the top shelf as she was looking for her gear gloves. What she read shocked her.

Reign was in the other world and talked to his parents as they walked through the field. Reign was told that Katherine was given custody of him while they were on the run during the wars where all of the sons and their tribes had died except for 7. Reign was born In the year 1984 right after Christmas and before new years. He ended up with Lucy when Lucy was working with Klaus back in New Orleans. That's how the 3 of them were named the 3 Amigos. Reign's heritage goes all the way back to Lycaon and the wars. Robyn also returned and told Reign he was given the task to watch over him as he went through life and he met Tyler. Tyler and Reign weren't the best of friends, but became like brothers over the years.

Reign had an impact on people. Tyler did too. He had his share of ups and downs and matured where Reign toughened up. These two young men now had paths they had to walk and the evil soon coming would surely wreck the peace they were having and Reign knew he had to come back. Mary Louise, another person Reign had met in the other world, was there after Reign's parents disappeared. She told him about his uncle Beau and how he got his singing from him. Reign stayed with his uncle until Rayna came to her birth place and wrecked havoc on the city. He had been scarred by her and she chased him and his family a long time. The parents gave Reign to him, then he gave him to Lucy and Lucy and Katerina were friends and she took care of him and that's how Katherine became Reign's legal parent. She changed their names and went from city to city. Rayna's father and Reign's bloodlines had a history and as the oracle stated he knew someday the end would come and he started attacking the species in thinking the world would be better off and Rayna kept that going. She wanted to see her father's dream live. Then she was saved by Reign and all of this was to get him ready for the real deal.

Margaret had gotten a visit from fellow members on what was going to happen they knew they had to bring back Reign somehow and Reign knew he had to settle things before the arrival of the Blood Moon. The power from the fight opened a rift in the dimensions and it upset the balance and those who knew that Falls Church was up for grabs knew their were no more sire tithes and no more bounds. A war was coming and in 3 years it would get real! Stepping through the door Reign broke the vial. The stone changed colors due to the rift and cracked! The escaped spirits returned to the living world.

A violent storm came and it destroyed buildings as the the earth shook and people were in chaos ripping and running everywhere. All of a sudden a mountain grew and on it's peak was a castle and the lights from it burned. Talk about hell on earth. The 4 saved many innocent people and compelled them to evacuate the city for an emergency storm and they all life. It was like they rapture had took place! As they slayed foes and Tyler reunited with his friend and Margaret gave a slap to his face, Reign took up his birth rights and he and his parents and his allies marched forward to get to the fortress as the city they once knew was now a battlefield. They fight for power was about to began and the war as the oracle stated was about to bring the whole ordeal to pass. The 3 signs had gone forth and now scores would be settles, debts paid and revenge met. Reign took up the sword of Lycaon and and his gear and set out "CLEAN HOUSE"...

...(Years later) - Since meeting the vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore, the fiery kitsune and his best friend Tyler and his wife Margaret and all his loved ones, King has been to heaven, hell and back. Now that he and his family have saved their hometown from a demonic spirit and various threats in the past, everything could finally go back to normal. But King should know better than anyone that Falls Church will never be normal and so does the mature and grown up Tyler. Winner take all as the balance in nature is abrupt and the future now depends on this outcome or as the oracle states that 'the end is near"...

2 b con10ued.


  • The Blood Moon, sometimes called the Sanguine Moon, causes increased aggression in werewolves, and many more people are bitten and transformed thereby causing exponential increases in werewolf activity. The new werewolf births are fitting since the blood moon is the moon of origin for Werewolves.
  • Some Christian preachers believe the upcoming fourth Blood Moon will signal the end of days. As evidence, they argue the full tetrad cycle, consisting of four lunar eclipses in a row, is consistent with two Bible verses: Revelation 6:12 and Acts 2:20. While they may be right, you should probably be concerned more with Blood Moon werewolf attacks because our hairy friends are bound to be uncontrollably agitated. To date, there have been three Blood Moons. The fourth lunar eclipse will take place on September 28, 2105, completing the tetrad cycle that began on April 15, 2014. Though details are unknown as of late.
  • Throughout recorded history, there have been eight tetrads, and two of them coincided with the biggest Jewish feasts: Tabernacles and Passover. Eight more tetrads will occur this century even though, interestingly, there were none of these astrological events from the 17th through the 19th centuries.
  • The most direct connection between a particular cryptid and the Blood Moon is, of course, the cycle of the werewolf. The eclipse will undoubtedly cause erratic behavior in those shapeshifting creatures that depend on the lunar cycle as a way of life. While many lycanthropes have learned to adapt and control their appetites for the sake of remaining safe and hidden from our world, the effects of the eclipse will likely reduce their grasp on the affliction.
  • Regardless of whether the world ends or your chased down by a hungry monster, those of us who survive the fourth Blood Moon will undoubtedly be treated to some spectacular stargazing. But, in the event you do encounter a cryptid given the certainty of increased activity, make sure that you have your camera ready and hit upload!



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