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SEASON 3 OF THE WEREWOLF JOURNALS IS THE NEXT SAGA IN THE SERIES AND FEATURES NEW FACES AND A MORE MATURE STORYLINE. It was a short web series, but was picked up for a full season of 13 episodes (or more depending on its progress) and has a soundtrack. The second to last episode is the pilot for Kain's resurrection as it goes into the history of Falls Church and where everyone is after the war with Klaus and his army.GRADUATION IS OVER AND EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN AGENDAS IN LIFE. AS RAIN EMBARKS ON AN ADVENTURE UNKNOWN ABOUT WHAT HE'S SEARCHING FOR, A NEW AND MORE SINISTER EVIL APPROACHES.

The date for this to air will be October 31, 2013 and the pilot for it will be aired the week before in season 2 second to last episode.

Family Tree Edit

This is a list of the founding families:

1.1 Fall Family

1.2 Forbes Family

1.3 Gilbert Family

1.4 Lockwood Family

1.5 Salvatore Family

== More to come ==
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More secrets and spoilers to come and the official release date will be announced.

23 episode have been confirmed.

A soundtrack has been added

Possibilities of a spin-off is in talks.


Drake has returned to seize control of the city and has caused a massive outrage of jealousy to the families of Falls Church. In order to keep another terrible civil war from happening, Rain comes up with the idea of a tournament that will decide the fate of Falls Church. The 1st Annual Falls Church Tournament was created by Rain Fall as an alternative to the all-out war predicted to occur after the death of Mayor Fall, one of the great powers of supernatural world undetected. The winner of the tournament gains absolute power over Falls Church, and can do as he or she pleases from now on.


Drake has awakened and is very furious about what happened in the past. The scene then flashbacks to 1859 when the war began between the Founding Families and the Vampires of the Tomb. The Founders Council is an association of the Founding Families, town people descended from the original settlers of Falls Church, as well as various municipal officials. Outwardly, it appears to be a civic organization dedicated to celebrating local history. Secretly, the council's mission is to protect the town from supernatural beings, especially vampires. Journals written by members of the Founding Families describing vampires and how to catch and kill them are passed down through subsequent generations. Drake, a descendant of Silas, went through the town slaughtering the innocent. The Elder Coven (witches and warlocks) made a pact with the families to help get rid of Drake and the tomb vampires. Their creation, the lycanthropes or La Garou aka werewolves lived long ago before vampires existed. Not much is known about the history of werewolves except that they existed before vampires. They were created over 1,000 years ago by the first coven. Werewolves actively populated the New World during the early Middle Ages as Viking invasions began in Europe. Most, if not all, of the land's inhabitants were werewolves and they lived along side one another in villages. They also lived alongside humans and, to protect their loved ones, they made sure that they had access to natural means of protection for them. One of the most notable locations of a werewolf village was the location of Falls Church. Beneath the area was a series of tunnels that provided protection for the humans when the werewolves turned on the full moon. One clear rule of the village was that the humans were forbidden from being with the wolves when they turned. Werewolves are the most dangerous enemies of vampires because a bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire. Werewolves are designed to kill vampires on sight in their wolf form. Though they still hunt human prey when there are no vampires to kill. This is why they were created. The Lockwood Family carried this gene. They are very rich due to their ancestors taking over the land belonging to the vampires of the tomb. Because of this, almost all mayors of Falls Church have belonged to this family. They also have the werewolf gene, but only a few of them have actually activated it. The flashback ends and Drake crushes a bolder with his hands. Drake even remembers 5 warriors created to take down his generals thanks a woman named Qetsiyah. Qetsiyah, now known as Tessa, is an extremely powerful witch, who is responsible for creating The Immortality Spell, imprisoning the Original Immortal, Silas, creating The Other Side and creating the cure for immortality. Her desire was for Silas to take the cure to become mortal, and then die, only to end up on the Other Side with her for eternity. When he didn't voluntarily take the cure, her descendant created The Brotherhood of the Five to find, cure and kill Silas. Drake remembered how these five Lockwoods defeated him and his menions and seized the land. Another flashback. George Lockwood was the first known member of the Lockwood family to trigger his werewolf Gene. He was the son of Benjamin Lockwood, and the mayor of Mystic Falls back in 1864. George Lockwood was an American Solider who fought in the Civil War in 1864. After killing in battle, George unknowingly triggered his werewolf curse, causing him to transform into a wolf every full moon. After discovering his true identity, Katerina von Swartzschild aka Katherine Pierce convinced George to help her escape during the vampire-hunt the town was planning. According to Katherine, George Lockwood used the vampires as a scapegoat for the attacks he was responsible for and informed the Founder's Council about the vampires in Mystic Falls. One day in 1864 George warned Katherine about the round up and when it was supposed to take place. Katherine insisted that before the Church was set ablaze, the body count must be 27, the vampire population of the town including herself. George said he would see to it. However, Katherine had no intention of dying in the Church, and convinced George to helping her escape in exchange of the Moonstone. Since George went to war without even knowing his family was cursed, it is was Katherine herself who informed him of The Sun and Moon Curse and of the importance of the Moonstone in the ritual. Fast forward, Drake remembers being born and how he was created into a 'beast'. An abomination he calls himself. He also remembers compelling Stefan to kill the Falls after Stefan was turned into a vampire before he was smitten. Rain senses a dark presence in the atmosphere and calls Tyler who is working with Jeremy on how to work out his wolf side. Matt has also been having spells lately with the full moon coming up displaying rage and out burst of anger at times and blackouts. Two people show up at Mason's and Tyler's homes and start bombs filled with wolfsbane in them. When the smoke clears, Damon picks up the note that says 'vengeance is ours'. Rain calls everyone to see if they are okay. At Founders Day, Drake decides to strike and takes over the ceremony. Another flashback ensues. The city is the scene of the fighting of the American Civil War, almost all the soldiers who fought were killed, and their graves are around the city forest and in the old cemetery. It is crossed by several lines of energy, in which the power flows, which attracts unconsciously supernatural creatures: the same Honoria Fall was a witch, and the Lockwoods are werewolves. Because of this war, the energy lines originate from the bloodshed that occurred during the American Civil War. Rain was born of a witch and a werewolf. His father married a woman who birthed him from artificial insemination. She was born from doppleganger parents. All those who were with Silas and Amara on that fateful day when nature cursed them created shadow versions of them that could die. Drake is born of those as well. Back into reality where the flashback ends, Rain comes up with a plan to keep another war from brewing. A tournament that will decide all. It will be held away from humans. Rain's team was victorious,but Drake had a fail safe. The city was planted with bombs by unknown minions and the war started anyway. The town was destroyed, but only a few survived. The old world is dead, but new frontier is on the rise and if it's anything to do with how this all actually started it will finally come to light in a new and major way.

These are the episodes listed for season 3.

3x01- All In the Family

3x02- The Tithes that Bind

3x03- Boy Interrupted

3x04- As the Cradle Rocks

3x05- Immortal Kombat

3x06- Nightmares, Fantasies & Dreams-capes

3x07- Over the Valley

3x08- It Be's Like That Sometimes

3x09- Blood On the Dance Floor

3x10- A Few Good Menions

3x11- Leave Well Enough Alone

3x12- Rock'a Bye Baby

3x13- Once Upon A Time in Ark-La-Tex

3x14- Battle of the Sexes

3x15- The Bold, The Proud, The Hybrids

3x16- The Great Escape

3x17- Eclipse Rising

3x18- Last Ditch Effort

3x19- To Kill A Mockingbird

3x20- The Great Escape

3x21- When All Falls Apart

3x22- Ashes to Dust

3x23- As the World Turns


Production Edit

The story took place in Arlington TX, Ark-La-TX area and Shreveport, LA and other places of choosing. Rain and other elements were involved to give a real effect to the story. The story became a more realistic saga as true events were mixed in adding supernatural effects into the mix as well. Production took about a year and 12 weeks to film and everything was done exactly as the actual story was taken to keep everything original. Plot swerves and addition were also mixed in to give the story a twist to keep fans intrigued and it made the story stand out from any other sci-fi fiction because of the true events, myths and the casts being themselves to give more depth to their characters. A soundtrack of 18 songs by various artist whether mainstream or underground or Indy was well put together. Website and social networks have been updated and promos have been made to start promotion of the 3rd season and bring notoriety to the first 2 previous seasons. A video game is in the works and will be exactly like the story in a MK meets Tekken type feel. It will also include bonus stuff to earn points and cheats and even has a learning session in the role playing part of the game for anyone who is a student so the player isn't just wasting time playing a fighting game. Trivia and info will also be included and much more as it develops.


The date of the premiere will be Halloween night and the pilot will be re-ran a week in advance. Plus other re-runs leading up to the new season will be re-posted as well.

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