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SEASON 4 is the winter season of the Werewolf Journals that takes place after the fight and explosion. Only a few survivors remained. The story takes place right where season 3 left off.

Story lines- This season will include the tale of how the lycanthropes actually came to be and Reign's past is finally revealed. Also, Tyler will learn what it means to be a good father and a husband and characters will go through their own transformations as well. It will also introduce the tithes between the kitsune and the wolves and how the vampires were created officially. Season 4 will finally break down any and every myth from it's previous seasons as it will flash back & forward as it displays a foretelling of the Blood Moon Prophecy that is to bring doom one day. Margaret will walk into her role as a heroine and Kain will show his kinder side plus the season will introduce brand new casts of characters that will also appear in S4. Everything will be brand new, even the recycled characters.

Changes- Some characters will be "recycled" due to the spell and how things occurred in the season finale of episode of the previous season.

Places- The new areas will take place in Virginia after the Texas departure and end back in East Texas again.

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New characters- New characters will include siblings of deceased characters, doppelgangers of characters, the faithful few surviving yet recycled characters and newer and badder foes.

Differences- The new season will be much more maturer as in telling how everything has evolved around the time things settled and life started back up again. It will be like a brand new show compared to the previous seasons since it is a "new beginning" to the new season.

Air date- SEPTEMBER 2015.


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