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Two teams remain and a break is in motion for the final two families to rest and recover. Reign and Margaret share a moment that will change them both forever. Tyler must face an old face and rival from the past in order to save Caroline and their unborn while Alaric, Brady and some more freedom fighters forge a plan to counter attack a fast approaching army revolt headed to Falls Church.



Mason Lockwood was Richard Lockwood's younger brother and Tyler's uncle. He had been estranged from the family before returning to Mystic Falls in the wake of Richard's death.He had a relationship with Katherine Pierce and worked for her to find and get the moonstone, unbeknownst to him that he was being used. He was a werewolf and was almost killed by Damon Salvatore, who almost ripped his heart out. They became like brothers through trials and tribulations. He is involved with Katherine and lives with her in the Salvatore Boarding home.

In Season 3, Mason returns as an alpha, and is determined to make Drake pay for killing his family and to help Tyler become the leader that he is born to be.

Katherine vov Swartzchild (Pierce) (Bulgarian: (Български) Катерина Петрова, English: Katerina Petrova) is one of the main characters of The Werewolf Journals. She was the main antagonist of Season One than later became a protagonist and one of the protagonists of Season Two. She was also a recurring character in the third and is currently with Mason Lockwood and Beta of their pack.

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Tyler Lockwood is a main character who is a werewolf and plays for the football team at Mystic Falls High School. He is a werewolf. He is the son of Richard Lockwood and Carol Lockwood, and the nephew of Mason Lockwood who is a werewolf and Katherine who is a vampire. He was initially portrayed to be arrogant, selfish and a bully. But after triggering the family curse that turned him into a werewolf, he has learned to tone his behavior down. Before this revelation, he was referred to many times as a "dick," by both Matt Donovan and Jeremy Gilbert. He is shown to have an athletic build, and great strength as a human. He also has a short temper and becomes angry very easily. He didn't understand why he behaved the way he did, until Mason came to visit after Richard Lockwood's death. Tyler is currently in a relationship with Caroline and he is raising their twin children, Lucas and Brianne together.

Tyler is a member of the Lockwood Family.

Caroline Forbes is the daughter of William Forbes II and Elizabeth Forbes. She is a vampire. Prior to her transition, she was known for her insecurities, which caused her to be excessively competitive, mainly with Elena. She had attended Mystic Falls High School, where she was the captain of the cheerleader team, honor student, in charge of the dance committees, Mystic Falls beautification committee, head of recycling program, "Go Green" campaign, Miss Mystic Falls, and one of the most popular girls in the school. She attends Whitmore College with Elena. Caroline's new vampire nature adds difficulty to her relationship with Matt and this eventually causes them to break up despite their love for each other. Matt's friend, Tyler Lockwood, falls for Caroline after she helps him with his first full moon. After a while, she realizes that she's in love with Tyler too, so they begin a romantic relationship. Klaus also falls for her, claiming he fancies her because she's beautiful, strong, full of light, "too smart to be seduced by him", and he enjoys her. She and Tyler are currently raising their children.

Caroline is a member of the Forbes Family.

Bonnie McCullough is a heroine and main female character of The Werewolf Journals. While she fills the role of counselor and confidante, Bonnie is also the brassy-but-cautious witch, who discovers her powers just in time to help out her family and friends.She was best friends with Caroline Forbes and Elena Gilbert. She had attended Mystic Falls High School, where she used to be a cheerleader. Since gaining the power of Expression, Bonnie has become one of the most powerful characters in the series: she was able to take down two members of the Original family with ease. Bonnie attempted to use spirit, Expression, and dark magic all at once to bring Jeremy back from the dead. Her Grams warned her that no magic was strong enough to challenge the will of Nature, but Bonnie refused to listen. It was too much for her therefore killing her in the process. She is also a physic and has a connection with Damon, her cousin Lucy and Rain.

Bonnie was a member of the McCullough and Bennett Families.

Damon Salvatore is the main anti-hero, antagonist, and a main character of The Vampire Diaries novel series. He is a 500+ year old vampire who is originally from Florence, Italy. Damon is the eldest son of Giuseppe (Conte Di) Salvatore and his unnamed mother (who died giving birth to Stefan when Damon was a young boy), the elder brother of Stefan Salvatore, the former lover of Katherine von Swartzschild and a competitor for Elena's Gilbert's affections. Damon was born in Florence, Italy during The Renaissance Period. Like his younger brother Stefan, Damon came from an Italian aristocratic, noble family, meaning that Damon came from wealth and was very rich. Damon and his brother Stefan both fell in love with a young and beautiful vampire named Katherine von Swartzschild during the time of the 15th century. Both brothers became intense rivals and competitors for her love and her affections and this caused the rivalry between the two Salvatore brothers to heat up rather intensely. Because of this, their already strained relationship since childhood became more hateful, vengeful and competitive. Katherine is Damon's maker and she transformed Damon, as well as his brother Stefan, into vampires by giving both of them her blood, hoping that they would resolve their lifelong rivalry, feud and hatred amongst each other and all of them could live happily ever after together. When Katherine's plan severely backfired and did not go as planned, Katherine felt both guilty and extremely hurt that they would not end their rivalry and hatred with one another. As a result and as a price, Katherine ended up "committing suicide" (which was later on revealed to be her fake death), in order for the brothers to finally come together, resolve their issues and grieve her loss together as brothers, possibly rekindling their love for each other and their brotherhood. He has a friendship with Bonnie, Alaric and Mason. And he has made a peace for his brother Stefan

Damon is a member of the Salvatore Family and a member of the Town Council.

Alaric J. "Ric" Saltzman was a vampire hunter and a history teacher at Mystic Falls High School. He originally came to Falls Church to find the vampire that killed his wife, but learned that she voluntarily became a vampire and left him. He also learned that his wife had a child when she was in her teens, a daughter named Elena Gilbert, his student. Alaric began a romantic relationship with her adoptive aunt Jenna. Ironically, he was technically Elena's step-father due to his marriage to Isobel. Following Jenna's tragic death, he seemed to step into his step-father role to Elena and a father figure to her brother, Jeremy. He was also Damon's best friend. As a vampire hunter he designed several weapons to fight vampires which include vervain tranquilizers and arm vest stakes. As a vampire, he watches over Damon, Jeremy, and Elena. He is in a current relationship with Jules, a female werewolf.

Alaric is a non-biological relative of Elena Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert, the Petrova Family and the Gilbert Family.

Jules is a werewolf and a friend of Mason Lockwood's from Florida. She came to Mystic Falls looking for Mason. Jules and her boyfriend, Brady, kidnapped Caroline Forbes so that they could leave with Mason's nephew, Tyler, and help him adjust to his new life as a werewolf. Stefan and Damon killed several of the werewolves. The remaining werewolves were about to kill the vampires, but Rain intervened and warned the others to leave town. They tortured Damon until Alaric appeared and killed all of them except for Jules, who escaped. She left town with Tyler, only to return after his mother's accident. When Damon freed Tyler along with Caroline to prevent them being used in the sacrifice, Klaus captured Jules and and tried to rip her heart out during the sacrifice, but was saved by Alaric. They are now in a current relationship.

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Brady was a guest character on 'The Werewolf Journals'. He was in a relationship with Rose, an old friend of Katherine who is a vampire. He saw as an attractive woman and was believed not all vampires are bad. He helped with a survive Jules' werewolf bite with Klaus' blood and they fell in love. After the disappearance of Mason, Brady and his wolf pack traveled to Falls Church to avenge his assumed death. He tortures Caroline. He heads to the lake house with Tyler to capture Elena so they could lift the curse, but is stopped by Rain. He has returned to aid his comrades in the upcoming events.

Rose-Marie (a.k.a Rose) was a vampire and Trevor's best friend. When Katherine Pierce was running away from Klaus, Trevor helped her escape. While in their hideout, Katherine tricked Rose and became a vampire. Klaus to pursed them for 500 years for presumably ending the Petrova bloodline. When they learned of the existence of a second doppelgänger, they kidnapped Elena Gilbert, hoping to exchange her for their freedom. But Elijah killed Trevor although he promised Rose her freedom. She fled after Elijah was staked and supposedly killed. She later joined forces with the Salvatore brothers to defeat Klaus and had a brief sexual relationship with Damon Salvatore. She was bitten by Jules, a werewolf, and was almost killed (staked) by Damon, who wanted to end her severe suffering, but Brady came with Klaus' blood as a truce to heal her and thus saved her life. She visits Jeremy in Season 3, revealing she was turned by Mary Porter. She seemed to support Damon and Bonnie's feelings and wanted them together.

Klaus was an Old One, a pureblooded vampire/werewolf hybrid. He was one of the main antagonist in season 1 and 2. He existed long ago before the pyramids were built, which was 2500 B.C. According to him, he fought in the Trojan war and helped cause the downfall of the Roman Empire. In the late 15 century, he lived in a village in Germany, where the people thought that he was the devil himself. Klaus is Nordic in appearance, with electric blue eyes and short, close-cropped, platinum blond hair. He is described as being handsome although his features are often contorted in madness. In 1492, he finally got his chance to break his curse when he met Katerina Petrova, the final piece necessary to break the curse. However, Katerina managed to foil his plan to use her in the sacrifice by turning into a vampire. For the next 500 years, Klaus searched for a way to break the curse without the doppelgänger, forcing generations of witches and warlocks to help him. During his search for a way to break the curse, Klaus hunted down his family and neutralized them. He also hunted Katerina Petrova, who had escaped him and stolen his moonstone. Klaus is also the first undead creature in the history of the world known to have impregnated a woman. And is helping Tyler as a father figure in relating to what he went through himself.

Klaus is a member of the Mikaelson Family.

Shinichi in his human form, Shinichi looks like a young and beautiful Japanese boy with pitch black hair, red all around the tips and golden eyes. In his real shape, he has more than six tails and black and red fur. His personality is twisted and evil. Both he and his sister can change into any shape that they want. He was evil until he and his sister learned of Kain true plot and allied with Team Lockwood and helped defend Falls Church.

Misao by sevishichiyou-d4o8tcj
Misao in her human form, Misao looks like a pretty young Asian girl with long black hair, scarlet all around the tips, and black eyes. While in her fox form, she has more than six tails and black and scarlet fur. Her personality is spoiled and arrogant. She stepped of to help Falls Church to against her former employer Kain.

Margaret was born in June 5, 1989 in Surrey, where her whole family are from. Her mother, Sarah, was a cheerleader in high school and later a journalist before she met and married her dad, James. Her parents are romantics which they never fought or at least she never heard them fight. One of her older brothers are the oldest, then the other, and then Margaret. She had a little sister named Penny Harriet Tallinn who was stillborn. Margaret still thinks about her. She is very close with her whole family and would be saddened if she separated from them.

When she was 4 years old, Margaret moved to Falls Church, Louisiana with her parents and brothers. She then attend Mystic Falls High with her friends Sillcian, Oliva, and Daniella whom she graduated with. Then, after the ceremony, Sillcian hosted an after-graduation party at a beach house. While playing a game of Truth or Dare at the docks, Margaret jumped in the water but drowned, much to her friends' despair and guilt. But luckily, she finds herself revived when a unknown vampire administrated vampire blood into her system, causing a successful transition. Margaret's favorite hobbies are playing with her niece and nephew, looking at her father's garden which he grows the kind of sunflowers that are 10 feet tall, and listening to records. Her love for records begun because one of the records from her dad's has her favorite song "Upside Down" by Two Minds Crack which is a 7th-kind record. She took it and her dad pretend he didn't knew. He was seen whistling the song, and Margaret was the one who heard it if she was embarrassed or not. Her dad was the one who started her love for records but truthfully, she just loves listening to them. Her favorites include "Upside Down", "This Guy's In Love", "Crazy For You", and some songs by John Cale. In her current life, one of Margaret's brothers, 28 and 31, are married and one of them had a baby girl named Hope and a son Mike named whose are the niece and nephew of Margaret. She then attends Mystic Falls University, and shares a dorm with a girl named Karey Aline, an Art major. Margaret still resides in Mystic Falls, the place where she meets Rain. Margaret is a memember of the Bennett family.

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Reign Jonas Fall is a protagonist in all 3 seasons. He starts out as an unknown species and shows power similar to that of the witches and warlocks, but his are the opposite. In season two, he learns of his lycanthrope side and how to trigger it and has a lust for blood, but it remains dormant thanks to the wolf gene. He then realizes that the genes comes from both parents. By the end of season 2, he tells Lucy he is going to seek out the truth behind his whole origin and leaves Falls Church. Born out artificial insemination, he carries both witch and wolf traits. Later, he learns from Klaus that wolves can be turned into vampires while there gene isn't untriggered. Margaret saved him by feeding him her blood and he woke in the hospital. He makes his first kill in self defense fighting Kain's minions off to save both Mason & Damon when they got kidnapped and triggers the curse due to his bloodlust thus transitioning him painfully into a hybrid. He is soon to have a love interest and is the founder of the tournament to keep another dreadful civil war from occurring. He will play a vital role in season 3.

Drake is the villain of season 3. He is powerful and was the original leader of the Tomb Vampires back when Falls Church was founding. He has been anxious to takeover the world after winning the tournament to take control of Falls Church. Long ago, Fall's Church originally belonged to the Fall Family in Falls Church. In 1864, the church was used to imprison and destroy 27 vampires in the town. A witch named Emily Bennett used her magic to protect them, but this was unknown to the village. The Church burned down, but the vampires remained in the tomb below it. Drake compelled Stefan to kill the founding Families when Drake unlocked Stefan's ripper mode. The Lockwood 5 were formed and defeated Drake and finally they took over the land belonging to the vampires of the tomb. Drake wants revenge and has excepted Rain J. Fall's purposal for a tournament to decide the fate of the 'supernatural hotspot'.


Team Fall vs Team Bennett

Rules: Free for all battle royal. Last member of their team still in the ring wins points and the #1 contender spot to face Klaus' family in the semi finals.

Caroline is kidnapped by an unknown source and Tyler is left a note. He and Reign go after the culprit responsible and Tyler finds out it is a wolf he got into it with long ago named Zander. Zander is from the Original Pack and is in part Klaus' relative. Zander has had a crush on Caroline and has wanted to exact revenge on Tyler because of what Tyler did in aiding Katherine find the moonstone and not killing her. This is when he and an arriving Mason learns that Katherine was using Mason to find it and everything would fall apart.

Tyler thinks of a way to stall him while Reign locates Caroline. Meanwhile, Alaric has mounted up a lot of freedom fighters ready for battle against Drake's growing army that is shut off from the unseen world.

Klaus arrives and stops the madness as he Tyler and Zander battle and Reign saves Caroline. After the fight, Tyler says that the hatchet is buried and retires from the contest instead of rematch round fight to be there for Caroline.

Klaus grabs Zander and says he isn't pleased with almost getting them disqualified by his actions of self revenge.

Caleb and Zander duel instead after he walks up to the fight after watching the two families argue. Caleb won. Zander forfeited so he would not be weak in the final round against the family team that survives to the last round before the grand finale.




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