TWJ 3X01 (EPISODE 43) All In the Family is the official pilot and premiere episode of The Werewolf Journals.

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Mason Lockwood was Richard Lockwood's younger brother and Tyler's uncle. He had been estranged from the family before returning to Mystic Falls in the wake of Richard's death.He had a relationship with Katherine Pierce and worked for her to find and get the moonstone, unbeknownst to him that he was being used. He was a werewolf and was almost killed by Damon Salvatore, who almost ripped his heart out. They became like brothers through trials and tribulations. He is involved with Katherine and lives with her in the Salvatore Boarding home.

In Season 3, Mason returns as an alpha, and is determined to make Drake pay for killing his family and to help Tyler become the leader that he is born to be.

Katherine vov Swartzchild (Pierce) (Bulgarian: (Български) Катерина Петрова, English: Katerina Petrova) is one of the main characters of The Werewolf Journals. She was the main antagonist of Season One than later became a protagonist and one of the protagonists of Season Two. She was also a recurring character in the third and is currently with Mason Lockwood and Beta of their pack.

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Tyler Lockwood is a main character who is a werewolf and plays for the football team at Mystic Falls High School. He is a werewolf. He is the son of Richard Lockwood and Carol Lockwood, and the nephew of Mason Lockwood who is a werewolf and Katherine who is a vampire. He was initially portrayed to be arrogant, selfish and a bully. But after triggering the family curse that turned him into a werewolf, he has learned to tone his behavior down. Before this revelation, he was referred to many times as a "dick," by both Matt Donovan and Jeremy Gilbert. He is shown to have an athletic build, and great strength as a human. He also has a short temper and becomes angry very easily. He didn't understand why he behaved the way he did, until Mason came to visit after Richard Lockwood's death. Tyler is currently in a relationship with Caroline and he is raising their twin children, Lucas and Brianne together.

Tyler is a member of the Lockwood Family.

Caroline Forbes is the daughter of William Forbes II and Elizabeth Forbes. She is a vampire. Prior to her transition, she was known for her insecurities, which caused her to be excessively competitive, mainly with Elena. She had attended Mystic Falls High School, where she was the captain of the cheerleader team, honor student, in charge of the dance committees, Mystic Falls beautification committee, head of recycling program, "Go Green" campaign, Miss Mystic Falls, and one of the most popular girls in the school. She attends Whitmore College with Elena. Caroline's new vampire nature adds difficulty to her relationship with Matt and this eventually causes them to break up despite their love for each other. Matt's friend, Tyler Lockwood, falls for Caroline after she helps him with his first full moon. After a while, she realizes that she's in love with Tyler too, so they begin a romantic relationship. Klaus also falls for her, claiming he fancies her because she's beautiful, strong, full of light, "too smart to be seduced by him", and he enjoys her. She and Tyler are currently raising their children.

Caroline is a member of the Forbes Family.

Bonnie McCullough is a heroine and main female character of The Werewolf Journals. While she fills the role of counselor and confidante, Bonnie is also the brassy-but-cautious witch, who discovers her powers just in time to help out her family and friends.She was best friends with Caroline Forbes and Elena Gilbert. She had attended Mystic Falls High School, where she used to be a cheerleader. Since gaining the power of Expression, Bonnie has become one of the most powerful characters in the series: she was able to take down two members of the Original family with ease. Bonnie attempted to use spirit, Expression, and dark magic all at once to bring Jeremy back from the dead. Her Grams warned her that no magic was strong enough to challenge the will of Nature, but Bonnie refused to listen. It was too much for her therefore killing her in the process. She is also a physic and has a connection with Damon, her cousin Lucy and Rain.

Bonnie was a member of the McCullough and Bennett Families.

Damon Salvatore is the main anti-hero, antagonist, and a main character of The Vampire Diaries novel series. He is a 500+ year old vampire who is originally from Florence, Italy. Damon is the eldest son of Giuseppe (Conte Di) Salvatore and his unnamed mother (who died giving birth to Stefan when Damon was a young boy), the elder brother of Stefan Salvatore, the former lover of Katherine von Swartzschild and a competitor for Elena's Gilbert's affections. Damon was born in Florence, Italy during The Renaissance Period. Like his younger brother Stefan, Damon came from an Italian aristocratic, noble family, meaning that Damon came from wealth and was very rich. Damon and his brother Stefan both fell in love with a young and beautiful vampire named Katherine von Swartzschild during the time of the 15th century. Both brothers became intense rivals and competitors for her love and her affections and this caused the rivalry between the two Salvatore brothers to heat up rather intensely. Because of this, their already strained relationship since childhood became more hateful, vengeful and competitive. Katherine is Damon's maker and she transformed Damon, as well as his brother Stefan, into vampires by giving both of them her blood, hoping that they would resolve their lifelong rivalry, feud and hatred amongst each other and all of them could live happily ever after together. When Katherine's plan severely backfired and did not go as planned, Katherine felt both guilty and extremely hurt that they would not end their rivalry and hatred with one another. As a result and as a price, Katherine ended up "committing suicide" (which was later on revealed to be her fake death), in order for the brothers to finally come together, resolve their issues and grieve her loss together as brothers, possibly rekindling their love for each other and their brotherhood. He has a friendship with Bonnie, Alaric and Mason. And he has made a peace for his brother Stefan

Damon is a member of the Salvatore Family and a member of the Town Council.

Alaric J. "Ric" Saltzman was a vampire hunter and a history teacher at Mystic Falls High School. He originally came to Falls Church to find the vampire that killed his wife, but learned that she voluntarily became a vampire and left him. He also learned that his wife had a child when she was in her teens, a daughter named Elena Gilbert, his student. Alaric began a romantic relationship with her adoptive aunt Jenna. Ironically, he was technically Elena's step-father due to his marriage to Isobel. Following Jenna's tragic death, he seemed to step into his step-father role to Elena and a father figure to her brother, Jeremy. He was also Damon's best friend. As a vampire hunter he designed several weapons to fight vampires which include vervain tranquilizers and arm vest stakes. As a vampire, he watches over Damon, Jeremy, and Elena. He is in a current relationship with Jules, a female werewolf.

Alaric is a non-biological relative of Elena Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert, the Petrova Family and the Gilbert Family.

Jules is a werewolf and a friend of Mason Lockwood's from Florida. She came to Mystic Falls looking for Mason. Jules and her boyfriend, Brady, kidnapped Caroline Forbes so that they could leave with Mason's nephew, Tyler, and help him adjust to his new life as a werewolf. Stefan and Damon killed several of the werewolves. The remaining werewolves were about to kill the vampires, but Rain intervened and warned the others to leave town. They tortured Damon until Alaric appeared and killed all of them except for Jules, who escaped. She left town with Tyler, only to return after his mother's accident. When Damon freed Tyler along with Caroline to prevent them being used in the sacrifice, Klaus captured Jules and and tried to rip her heart out during the sacrifice, but was saved by Alaric. They are now in a current relationship.

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Brady was a guest character on 'The Werewolf Journals'. He was in a relationship with Rose, an old friend of Katherine who is a vampire. He saw as an attractive woman and was believed not all vampires are bad. He helped with a survive Jules' werewolf bite with Klaus' blood and they fell in love. After the disappearance of Mason, Brady and his wolf pack traveled to Falls Church to avenge his assumed death. He tortures Caroline. He heads to the lake house with Tyler to capture Elena so they could lift the curse, but is stopped by Rain. He has returned to aid his comrades in the upcoming events.

Rose-Marie (a.k.a Rose) was a vampire and Trevor's best friend. When Katherine Pierce was running away from Klaus, Trevor helped her escape. While in their hideout, Katherine tricked Rose and became a vampire. Klaus to pursed them for 500 years for presumably ending the Petrova bloodline. When they learned of the existence of a second doppelgänger, they kidnapped Elena Gilbert, hoping to exchange her for their freedom. But Elijah killed Trevor although he promised Rose her freedom. She fled after Elijah was staked and supposedly killed. She later joined forces with the Salvatore brothers to defeat Klaus and had a brief sexual relationship with Damon Salvatore. She was bitten by Jules, a werewolf, and was almost killed (staked) by Damon, who wanted to end her severe suffering, but Brady came with Klaus' blood as a truce to heal her and thus saved her life. She visits Jeremy in Season 3, revealing she was turned by Mary Porter. She seemed to support Damon and Bonnie's feelings and wanted them together.

Klaus was an Old One, a pureblooded vampire/werewolf hybrid. He was one of the main antagonist in season 1 and 2. He existed long ago before the pyramids were built, which was 2500 B.C. According to him, he fought in the Trojan war and helped cause the downfall of the Roman Empire. In the late 15 century, he lived in a village in Germany, where the people thought that he was the devil himself. Klaus is Nordic in appearance, with electric blue eyes and short, close-cropped, platinum blond hair. He is described as being handsome although his features are often contorted in madness. In 1492, he finally got his chance to break his curse when he met Katerina Petrova, the final piece necessary to break the curse. However, Katerina managed to foil his plan to use her in the sacrifice by turning into a vampire. For the next 500 years, Klaus searched for a way to break the curse without the doppelgänger, forcing generations of witches and warlocks to help him. During his search for a way to break the curse, Klaus hunted down his family and neutralized them. He also hunted Katerina Petrova, who had escaped him and stolen his moonstone. Klaus is also the first undead creature in the history of the world known to have impregnated a woman. And is helping Tyler as a father figure in relating to what he went through himself.

Klaus is a member of the Mikaelson Family.

Shinichi in his human form, Shinichi looks like a young and beautiful Japanese boy with pitch black hair, red all around the tips and golden eyes. In his real shape, he has more than six tails and black and red fur. His personality is twisted and evil. Both he and his sister can change into any shape that they want. He was evil until he and his sister learned of Kain true plot and allied with Team Lockwood and helped defend Falls Church.

Misao by sevishichiyou-d4o8tcj
Misao in her human form, Misao looks like a pretty young Asian girl with long black hair, scarlet all around the tips, and black eyes. While in her fox form, she has more than six tails and black and scarlet fur. Her personality is spoiled and arrogant. She stepped of to help Falls Church to against her former employer Kain.

Margaret was born in June 5, 1989 in Surrey, where her whole family are from. Her mother, Sarah, was a cheerleader in high school and later a journalist before she met and married her dad, James. Her parents are romantics which they never fought or at least she never heard them fight. One of her older brothers are the oldest, then the other, and then Margaret. She had a little sister named Penny Harriet Tallinn who was stillborn. Margaret still thinks about her. She is very close with her whole family and would be saddened if she separated from them.

When she was 4 years old, Margaret moved to Falls Church, Louisiana with her parents and brothers. She then attend Mystic Falls High with her friends Sillcian, Oliva, and Daniella whom she graduated with. Then, after the ceremony, Sillcian hosted an after-graduation party at a beach house. While playing a game of Truth or Dare at the docks, Margaret jumped in the water but drowned, much to her friends' despair and guilt. But luckily, she finds herself revived when a unknown vampire administrated vampire blood into her system, causing a successful transition. Margaret's favorite hobbies are playing with her niece and nephew, looking at her father's garden which he grows the kind of sunflowers that are 10 feet tall, and listening to records. Her love for records begun because one of the records from her dad's has her favorite song "Upside Down" by Two Minds Crack which is a 7th-kind record. She took it and her dad pretend he didn't knew. He was seen whistling the song, and Margaret was the one who heard it if she was embarrassed or not. Her dad was the one who started her love for records but truthfully, she just loves listening to them. Her favorites include "Upside Down", "This Guy's In Love", "Crazy For You", and some songs by John Cale. In her current life, one of Margaret's brothers, 28 and 31, are married and one of them had a baby girl named Hope and a son Mike named whose are the niece and nephew of Margaret. She then attends Mystic Falls University, and shares a dorm with a girl named Karey Aline, an Art major. Margaret still resides in Mystic Falls, the place where she meets Rain. Margaret is a memember of the Bennett family.

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Reign Jonas Fall is a protagonist in all 3 seasons. He starts out as an unknown species and shows power similar to that of the witches and warlocks, but his are the opposite. In season two, he learns of his lycanthrope side and how to trigger it and has a lust for blood, but it remains dormant thanks to the wolf gene. He then realizes that the genes comes from both parents. By the end of season 2, he tells Lucy he is going to seek out the truth behind his whole origin and leaves Falls Church. Born out artificial insemination, he carries both witch and wolf traits. Later, he learns from Klaus that wolves can be turned into vampires while there gene isn't untriggered. Margaret saved him by feeding him her blood and he woke in the hospital. He makes his first kill in self defense fighting Kain's minions off to save both Mason & Damon when they got kidnapped and triggers the curse due to his bloodlust thus transitioning him painfully into a hybrid. He is soon to have a love interest and is the founder of the tournament to keep another dreadful civil war from occurring. He will play a vital role in season 3.

Drake is the villain of season 3. He is powerful and was the original leader of the Tomb Vampires back when Falls Church was founding. He has been anxious to takeover the world after winning the tournament to take control of Falls Church. Long ago, Fall's Church originally belonged to the Fall Family in Falls Church. In 1864, the church was used to imprison and destroy 27 vampires in the town. A witch named Emily Bennett used her magic to protect them, but this was unknown to the village. The Church burned down, but the vampires remained in the tomb below it. Drake compelled Stefan to kill the founding Families when Drake unlocked Stefan's ripper mode. The Lockwood 5 were formed and defeated Drake and finally they took over the land belonging to the vampires of the tomb. Drake wants revenge and has excepted Rain J. Fall's purposal for a tournament to decide the fate of the 'supernatural hotspot'.


Drake has returned to seize control of the city and has caused a massive outrage of jealousy to the families of Falls Church. In order to keep another terrible civil war from happening, Rain comes up with the idea of a tournament that will decide the fate of Falls Church. The 1st Annual Falls Church Tournament was created by Rain Fall as an alternative to the all-out war predicted to occur after the death of Mayor Fall, one of the great powers of supernatural world undetected. The winner of the tournament gains absolute power over Falls Church, and can do as he or she pleases from now on.


Drake has awakened and is very furious about what happened in the past. The scene then flashbacks to 1859 when the war began between the Founding Families and the Vampires of the Tomb.

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The Founders Council is an association of the Founding Families, town people descended from the original settlers of Falls Church, as well as various municipal officials. Outwardly, it appears to be a civic organization dedicated to celebrating local history.

Secretly, the council's mission is to protect the town from supernatural beings, especially vampires. Journals written by members of the Founding Families describing vampires and how to catch and kill them are passed down through subsequent generations. Drake, a descendant of Silas, went through the town slaughtering the innocent. The Elder Coven (witches and warlocks) made a pact with the families to help get rid of Drake and the tomb vampires.

Their co existent neighbors, the lycanthropes or La Garou aka werewolves actively populated the New World during the early Middle Ages as Viking invasions began in Europe. Most, if not all, of the land's inhabitants were werewolves and they lived along side one another in villages. Little is known about their creation, but there are myths relating to them.

They also lived alongside humans and, to protect their loved ones, they made sure that they had access to natural means of protection for them. One of the most notable locations of a werewolf village was the location of Falls Church. Beneath the area was a series of tunnels that provided protection for the humans when the werewolves turned on the full moon. One clear rule of the village was that the humans were forbidden from being with the wolves when they turned.

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Werewolves at that time were the most dangerous enemies of vampires because thanks to the coven, they were enhanced with a lethal bite and that bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire. Werewolves of this time were redesigned designed to kill vampires on sight in their wolf form. Though they still hunt human prey when there are no vampires to kill. The Lockwood Family carried this gene. They are very rich due to their ancestors taking over the land belonging to the vampires of the tomb. Because of this, almost all mayors of Falls Church have belonged to this family. They also have the werewolf gene, but only a few of them have actually activated it.

The flashback ends and Drake crushes a bolder with his hands. Drake even remembers 5 warriors
created to take down his generals thanks a woman named Qetsiyah. Qetsiyah, now known as Tessa, is an extremely powerful witch, who is responsible for creating The Immortality Spell, imprisoning the Original Immortal, Silas, creating The Other Side and creating the cure for immortality. Her desire was for Silas to take the cure to become mortal, and then die, only to end up on the Other Side with her for eternity. When he didn't voluntarily take the cure, her descendant created The Brotherhood of the Five to find, cure and kill Silas. Drake remembered how these five Lockwoods defeated him and his menions and seized the land. Another flashback.

George Lockwood was the first known member of the Lockwood family to trigger his werewolf Gene. He was the son of Benjamin Lockwood, and the mayor of Mystic Falls back in 1864. George Lockwood was an American Solider who fought in the Civil War in 1864. After killing in battle, George unknowingly triggered his werewolf curse, causing him to transform into a wolf every full moon. After discovering his true identity, Katerina von Swartzschild aka Katherine Pierce convinced George to help her escape during the vampire-hunt the town was planning.

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According to Katherine, George Lockwood used the vampires as a scapegoat for the attacks he was responsible for and informed the Founder's Council about the vampires in Mystic Falls. One day in 1864 George warned Katherine about the round up and when it was supposed to take place. Katherine insisted that before the Church was set ablaze, the body count must be 27, the vampire population of the town including herself. George said he would see to it.

However, Katherine had no intention of dying in the Church, and convinced George to helping her escape in exchange of the Moonstone. Since George went to war without even knowing his family was cursed, it is was Katherine herself who informed him of The Sun and Moon Curse and of the importance of the Moonstone in the ritual. Fast forward, Drake remembers being born and how he was created into a 'beast'. An abomination he calls himself.

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He also remembers compelling Stefan to kill the Falls after Stefan was turned into a vampire before he was smitten. Rain senses a dark presence in the atmosphere and calls Tyler who is working with Jeremy on how to work out his wolf side. Matt has also been having spells lately with the full moon coming up displaying rage and out burst of anger at times and blackouts. Two people show up at Mason's and Tyler's homes and start bombs filled with wolfsbane in them. When the smoke clears, Damon picks up the note that says 'vengeance is ours'. Rain calls everyone to see if they are okay.


At Founders Day, Drake decides to strike and takes over the ceremony. Another flashback ensues. The city is the scene of the fighting of the American Civil War, almost all the soldiers who fought were killed, and their graves are around the city forest and in the old cemetery.
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It is crossed by several lines of energy, in which the power flows, which attracts unconsciously supernatural creatures: the same Honoria Fall was a witch, and the Lockwoods are werewolves.
Because of this war, the energy lines originate from the bloodshed that occurred during the American Civil War. Rain was born of a witch and a werewolf. His father married a woman who birthed him from artificial insemination. She was born from doppleganger parents.
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All those who were with Silas and Amara on that fateful day when nature cursed them created shadow versions of them that could die. Drake is born of those as well. Back into reality where the flashback ends, Rain comes up with a plan to keep another war from brewing. A tournament that will decide all. It will be held away from humans. Everyone is compelled to evacuate the city and go 'next door' to the underground city due to a 'major outbreak'. Once it's just the supernatural present, the tournament is set in motion.

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TBA 2013-2014



The date for this to air will be October 31, 2013 and the pilot for it will be aired the week before in season 2 second to last episode.

Family Tree Edit

This is a list of the founding families:

1.1 Fall Family

1.2 Forbes Family

1.3 Gilbert Family

1.4 Lockwood Family

1.5 Salvatore Family

More to come Edit

More secrets and spoilers to come and the official release date will be announced.

23 episode have been confirmed.

A soundtrack has been added

Possibilities of a spin-off is in talks.


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3x06- Nightmares, Fantasies & Dreams-capes

3x07- Over the Valley

3x08- It Be's Like That Sometimes

3x09- Blood On the Dance Floor

3x10- A Few Good Minions

3x11- Immortal Kombat

3x12- Rock'a Bye Baby

3x13- Once Upon A Time in Ark-La-Tex

3x14- Battle of the Sexes

3x15- The Bold, The Proud, The Hybrids

3x16- Take It to the Head

3x17- Eclipse Rising

3x18- Last Ditch Effort

3x19- To Kill A Mockingbird

3x20- The Great Escape

3x21- When All Falls Apart

3x22- Ashes to Dust

3x23- As the World Turns



(Elena types an email to Bonnie; she reads it aloud in voiceover while a montage of each character's summer activities plays out, starting with Elena and Alaric sparring with each other.)

Elena: (voiceover)

Hey Bonnie, How is the summer almost over, and yet I feel like I got nothing done? Sounds like you're having fun traveling with your mom. I still don't know how I'm supposed to do this whole college thing without you. And Caroline agrees; she spent the whole summer designing the color palette for our dorm room, while Tyler's been away helping some wolf pack in Tennessee while Klaus is playing parent in New Orleans. Rain has been MIA for a good while now. No word from him yet.

(Cut to Caroline packing with her mom.)

Caroline: (on the phone) Don't worry, I already sent them your application, Tyler. All you have to do is register for classes and show up!

(Cut to Matt and Rebekah drinking wine in bed with another girl; Rebekah starts kissing her while Matt watches and smiles.)

Elena: (voiceover)

Matt and Rebekah have been sending postcards. I think they're in Amsterdam now... or was it Prague? I can't keep track, and honestly, I'm not sure I really want to know. I think they'll meet Klaus in the Nola next. DK. Anyway, I can't wait to see you. When do you get back?

Love, Elena.

(Cut to Jeremy sitting on a park bench, texting on a cell phone. Bonnie stands behind him.)

Jeremy: "Dear Elena..."

Bonnie: Wait, don't start with "dear".

Jeremy: It's bad enough you're dead – now you're a control freak?

Bonnie: I'm just saying, people don't say "dear" anymore.

Jeremy: All right, fine. How about, "Hey Elena, what's up?"

Bonnie: Thank you.

(Jeremy sits on the bench, apparently alone; Bonnie isn't visible anymore. Bonnie's voice narrates the message Jeremy sends to Elena on her behalf. Cut to Elena and Damon making out on the couch at the Salvatore mansion.)

Bonnie: (voiceover) Hey Elena, what's up? You guys have no idea how much I miss you. I've been emailing with Jeremy... he says it's been surreal to be alive.

Bonnie: (voiceover) If Katherine ingesting the only cure on this earth and having to live as a human isn't justice, I don't know what is.

(Cut to Elena in the bathtub, reading the message from Bonnie.)

Bonnie: (voiceover) I miss you guys. I'm glad you're having a great summer. P.S. Have you heard from Stefan? And tell Damon I love and miss him.

(Elena ponders this last question.)

Damon: You okay?

Elena: Yeah, I've just got this weird feeling like something bad's about to happen. Oh, Bonnie tells you mushy stuff. LOL.

Damon: HA HA.

(Elena giggles as Damon leans in to kiss her. He pauses before he gets up and leaves the room. Elena's smile fades before she sighs and pulls up the contact list on her phone. Her thumb hovers over "Klaus", but after a few seconds she puts her phone aside and submerges herself in bath water.



(Jeremy and Elena rehearse his cover story.)

Jeremy: There were issues at home. Ever since I lost my parents, my aunt, I've been acting out... drugs, drinking. I was looking for attention, so I lit my house on fire and faked my own death.

Elena: Really stress the drug thing. And I'd definitely say that the fire was an accident, because there's crazy, and then there's... well, me.

Jeremy: Or I could just not go back, considering my school already had a memorial for me.

(A car horn honks outside the house as Damon carries a suitcase into the foyer.)

Damon: Caroline just pulled up.

Elena: I-I can't leave. I should stay and at least wait until Jeremy settles in to school–

Damon: You're leaving. You're going to college. You're gonna drink cheap beer and you're gonna protest things you don't care about. And I am gonna take care of your little brother. Trust me, you have nothing to worry about.

Elena: Okay, well at least Whitmore is only a few hours away, so if there's anything you need, Jer, just call me–

Jeremy: Hey, I'll see you on laundry day.

(Jeremy hugs her and kisses Elena smiles, says "bye" and walks over to Damon who is tounging Bonnie.)

Elena: So, how do you think this whole long-distance thing is gonna work?

Damon: Well, I personally plan on forgetting about you the second you walk out the door.

Bonnie: What!?

Damon: I cannot forget about. I'd be in serious trouble.

Bonnie: Yes you will smart mouth.

(Bonnie playfully slaps Damon's arm)

(Bonnie and Elena yell in excitement and hug; Elena steps back, hands hanging around each other's neck.)

Elena: I missed you.

Bonnie: I missed you too.

(Elena looks back to wave at Jeremy. Damon opens the front door.)

Damon: All right. Off you both go.

(Elena and Bonnie walk out, but as Damon is closing the door, Elena peeks back in to blow a kiss at Jeremy one last time, then leaves. Damon's smile lingers, then he looks at Jeremy and it drops.)

Damon: Yeah, we're not doing this. Go to school.


(Klaus is walking down the square looking at pictures of artworks)

Jules: So you love art I take it?

Klaus: Clever girl you have Mr. Lockwood

(Mason grins and light chuckles)

Alaric: So what is the plan?

Klaus: We find Kain's lair and end it once and for all. If he has an ace like he said before he died the tricky old bastard will have the last laugh, but I for one intend to see my teenagers off to college and young Jeremy graduate. AW, the joys of adulthood.

Mason: I wish Tyler would hurry up. He's been in Tennessee forever. What's really going on?

(Everyone shrugs as Brady & Rose arrive)

Brady: Vallay! Here's the keys and do not scratch it.

Alaric: I am gonna give a test run. Then sell it.

(Everyone laughs)

Rose: So are are my lovely's?

(Everyone hugs)

Jules: We are fine.

Klaus: Sorry to cut this short, but since we are here check out this map I found.

Alaric: What the hell?

Rose: The tomb of the 27.

Mason: So history repeats itself. And we can find Kat. Hopefully.


(The campus is crawling with students and parents moving in while Caroline and Elena make their own way to their dorm.)

Caroline: You're dreaming about Stefan?

Elena: They're not dreams, it's more of a... feeling. Maybe you should call him.

Caroline: So he can hear how happy you are with Damon? Absolutely not. He'll call you when he's ready.

Elena: So I should just live with this nagging pit in my stomach?

Caroline: Okay, Elena, that pit is called guilt. You feel terrible because you broke Stefan's heart, and that nagging feeling is your brain waking up to tell you that you've made a horrible, yet completely reversible mistake.

Elena: Nice try. Besides, Stefan and I left things in a good place.

Caroline: It doesn't mean he hasn't been thinking about you shacking up with his brother all summer long.

(Liz ducks into the conversation.)

Liz: Hello – mom ears, still here.

(Elena makes an 'oops' face at Caroline, and they laugh.)

Elena: We're in college, Caroline.

Caroline: We actually made it. We're here!

(They smile together as Bonnie, walks up with Tyler and smiles with them.)

Bonnie: We're all here together.

(Caroline squeeezes Tyler)

Tyler: Can't breath.

Caroline: Sorry love.


(Elena and Caroline unpack their stuff in their new dorm.)

Elena: You brought a panini press?

Caroline: Small appliances, by the fridge.

(Liz carries a box into the room.)

Liz: Okay, that's the last one. All right, give me a goodbye hug before I change my mind and drag you home with me.

(Caroline hugs her mother.)

Liz: (tearful) You can call as much as you want, you know?

Caroline: Mom, we'll be fine.

(Liz laughs and steps back.)

Liz: (to Elena) Come here.

(They hug.)

Liz: This is where your dad fell in love with medicine, you know? He would be really proud to see you here.

Elena: (smiling) Thank you.

(Liz lingers for a long moment while they all look at each other, and the girls laugh.)

Caroline: Okay, go! Before I change my mind and make you stay.

Liz: I'm going, I'm going! I love you. Bye, girls.

(Liz leaves and closes the door behind her. The girls turn to each other excitedly.)

Elena: So? Roomie, I think we should drink to something.

Caroline: Well, I couldn't agree more... roomie.

(Caroline opens her suitcase and pulls out two blood bags; she tosses one to Elena.)

Elena: To us, and college, and being functional vampires.

Caroline: To the next chapter in our lives.

(They "clink" their bags in a mock toast when there's a knock at the door. With vampire speed, they stash their blood bags and turn to face whoever the visitor is. The door opens and an unfamiliar girl walks in, carrying a load of stuff.)

Megan: Hey.

Caroline: Uh, who are you?

Megan: Oh, I'm Megan. Your roommate.

(Elena and Caroline look at each other, shocked and confused.)


(Jeremy sits in an empty classroom reading his phone. Rain walks in as a substitute to set)

Rain: Miss me?

Jeremy: Caroline says, "Get your ass to Whitmore. We need you."

Rain: Tell her I'm... teaching.

Jeremy: You realize you're just postponing the inevitable, right? What happens when your dad finds out you've been dead all summer? Well, alomst?

Rain: Jer? I cannot show my face until I figure out what is going on with me. These powers are freaking me out now and I am always angry for no reason.

Jeremy: What about Margaret?

Rain: I just saw her at college. She seemed genuinely happy. I am not taking that away from her. We're lucky, Jer. How many people die and still get to talk to their best friends?

Jeremy: How many best friends can't feel each other?

(They both look at each other and shrug. The school bell rings.)

Jeremy: I should get going. The freak who faked his own death can't also be late for math.

Rain: Have fun.

(He leaves Rain, who looks troubled.)


(Megan opens her tablet while Elena talks to Damon on the phone. The shots alternate between the dorm room and the Salvatore mansion.)

(Bonnie meets Shinichi and Misao as they have come to as transfers. Afterward she texts Damon on what is going on so far)

Damon: What? Wait a minute, how'd that happen?

Bonnie: There must've been a mix-up at the housing office.

Damon: Compulsion – it's the unwanted roommate repellant.

Bonnie: That's exactly what Caroline and Elena said.

Damon: Right, so then just compel her ass out the door.

Bonnie: Damon, what's the point in going to college if we're just going to recreate what happens in Mystic Falls?

Damon: Look at you, giving it the old college try.

Bonnie: Did Jeremy get to school okay?

Damon: Yup. Showered, groomed, even cut the crusts off of his PB&J myself.

Bonnie: So, what you're saying is that me being here, you being there... this could actually work? Elena would be proud. Alaric too.

(Damon walks into the parlor to find Katherine, bedraggled and human, standing there.)

Damon: Exactly. Listen, I got to, uh... go.

(He hangs up.)

Katherine: It's been a long summer, Damon.

Damon: Katherine.


(Matt is working at the end-of-summer celebration when Rebekah approaches.)

Rebekah: Five-star restaurants in Paris to tapping kegs in a park. Tragic.

(They look at each other for moment. Cut to Matt and Rebekah making out, Matt enthusiastically backing Rebekah up to a tree.)

Matt: I thought we said no strings.

Rebekah: Who said there were strings?

Matt: Weren't you leaving town?

Rebekah: I thought I'd give you one last chance to come with me.

Matt: I have to work. I'm back in the real world now, I need a paycheck.

Rebekah: Great, maybe you could replace those earrings that that street-rat Nadia stole in Prague.

Matt: Those earrings don't bring you back to life. How am I gonna explain to Jeremy she stole his Gilbert ring?

Rebekah: Tell him you had a threesome. He'll understand. (kiss) Don't call. (kiss) Don't write. And whatever you do – (kiss) – don't you dare miss me.

Matt: Fine I'll go. This werewolf thing is idk.

Rebekah: You'll be alright Matthew.

(They part and smile at each other. As Matt walks off, Silas walks through the crowd and approaches Liz, who is sitting alone at a table.)

Liz: Hey, look who's back.

Silas: Look who's, ah, eating her feelings.

Liz: Yeah... I just dropped the girls off at Whitmore.

Silas: Ah.

Liz: Join me as I drown my sorrow in comfort food.

(Silas sits at the table, takes Liz's styrofoam cup and pulls the lid off. He takes out a knife, pulls her wrist over and cuts it, draining the blood over the cup.)

Liz: (alarmed) What are you doing?

Silas: I'm outing myself as Not-Stefan, obviously. Don't be afraid, don't move.

(Silas' words seem to have an effect similar to compulsion.)

Liz: What's happening?

Silas: We've met before, actually. When I was appearing as your daughter, and I bashed your head in? Does that ring any bells?

Liz: Silas.

Silas: Indeed. I am a two-thousand year old immortal that Caroline and her friends thought they got rid of.

Liz: Are you... appearing to me as Stefan?

Silas: Well... yes and no. This is my true form and Stefan is my doppelgänger. Klaus my annoying hybrid rival is gone to New Orleans on some epic quest. You're confused. I know that because I can read your thoughts. It's understandable, I mean, I've been a little cryptic lately.

Liz: What's with the knife? Most vampires go straight for the neck.

Silas: Ugh, please, Liz. I came first. Vampires are nothing more than a disgusting perversion of me. I'm unkillable, I'm immortal and I'm psychic, and to function I need human blood, but don't ever call me a vampire. BTW. Drake is back also. And we have a surprise for everyone.

(Silas removes Liz's wrist from over the cup.)

Silas: Cheers.

(He drinks from the cup, then looks at Liz, scans her thoughts, and begins to clean up the wound on her arm.)

Silas: Unfortunately, I can see that you can't help me find what I'm looking for. So, all you need to remember, Liz, is that Stefan stopped by to say 'hello'.

(He puts the lid back on the cup as his words take effect on Liz.)

Liz: Call your friends, Stefan. Let 'em know you're okay?

Silas: Will do, Sheriff.


(Stefan's reaches the top of the lake gasping for air.)

Stefan: I'm gonna kill that bastard.


(Tyler walks and talks with Elena and Caroline on the campus. Megan shows up)

Megan: So, your current boyfriend, Damian–

Elena: Damon.

Megan: –is your ex's brother.

Elena: Stefan.

Megan: You and Stefan are friends, but three months ago he left without saying goodbye?

Elena: Do you think that I should call him?

(Megan and Caroline respond in unison.)

Megan: No way.

Caroline: Absolutely not!

Megan: Do you have a boyfriend, Caroline?

Caroline: I do. His name's Tyler. He had to miss move-in day, but he'll be here for the first day of classes.

Elena: Assuming he registers. And picks a dorm. And buys books. Caroline: Speaking of minding one's own business, let's talk roommate ground rules. Privacy is very important to me.

Megan: Same here.

Caroline: I have low blood sugar. My diet's finicky, so keep your paws off my stuff.

Megan: We'll split up the shelves.

Caroline: And if I suddenly get up to leave or disappear for a while, don't follow me or look for me.

Megan: Okay... sounds good.

Elena: Great, then we agree on everything.

(Another student approaches them with a flyer.)

Jesse: Excuse me, ladies. Party at Whitmore House tonight. And 'Gentlman'.

(No one says anything while Caroline looks at the flyer he handed her.)

Elena: We'll be there.

Jesse: (looking at Caroline) I hope so.

(Tyler mugs Jesse and taps Caroline)

(Elena, smiling giddily, wraps an arm around Caroline's shoulders while they watch him walk away.)

Elena: I love college.

Tyler: I am starting to hate this college thing. Just kidding.


(Jeremy walks down the hallway, pulls out his phone and sees Elena is calling him. He ignores the call just as another student violently shoves against him.)

Student #1: Look who rose from the dead.

(The student slaps Jeremy's phone out of his hand. Jeremy holds back his anger and bends down to retrieve his phone when the student kicks it across the hall. Another student shoves his shoulder.)

Student #2: Nice phone. Does it ever ring?

(Jeremy loses it and shoves the second student against the lockers. He fights them both, displaying obvious skill, and slams one of them down onto the floor. A crowd of students has gathered, and they watch, murmuring in shock. Jeremy grabs his things and leaves, everyone's eyes on him.)


(Katherine downs a shot of bourbon; Damon watches her pour another glass.)

Katherine: You're gonna have to cut me off soon. My tolerance is a joke now. It's just so... glorious.

Damon: You're miserable.

Katherine: Please. I'm Katherine Pierce – I'm a survivor.

Damon: You're a liar. Your hair's messed up, your nails are chipped. You're a sad and miserable human being and you want me to turn you. So, here.

(Damon bites open his wrist and offers it to her.)

Damon: Go ahead, drink up. I'll kill you, you'll bite the mailman, you'll be a vampire again. Go ahead, come on.

Katherine: Call Mason.

(The house phone starts ringing. Damon moves to get it but Katherine beats him to it and answers it.)

Katherine: Salvatore residence. Hello, Principal Weber, this is Elena. Oh, dear. We'll find him.

(She hangs up and turns to Damon.)

Katherine: So Jeremy's been expelled. Elena will be cool with that, right?

Damon: I call Mason when I get back. Don't drink all of my stash either.

Katherine: Your welcome.


(Rain is getting ready to train and warm up his fighting skills and powers. He notices something foggy in the atmosphere).

Rain: You got 10 seconds to...

(Leaves crack)

Rain: Margaret

(They hug and Margaret punches Rain).

Rain: WTH!!

Margaret: You deserve it pulling a Tyler-type stunt like that!! HUH!!

Rain: WOMAN! It was for you.

Margaret: Lucy is gonna kick your behind too.

(Lucy appears)

Rain: REALLY!?

Lucy: Explain.

Rain: Pull up a chair then. Because it is a long story. I gotta urinate hold on.

(Both gasps in disgust)

Margaret: Really!?

Lucy: Too much info.

Rain: What? LOL


(The end-of-summer celebration continues into the night. Matt's still working the keg.)

Matt: Here you go, Mayor. This one's on the house.

Rudy: Thank you, Matt.

Matt: So, ah, when's Bonnie coming back?

Rudy: You know, I'm not sure, but if you talk to her, tell her I said hi.

Matt: Yeah.

Rudy: Thanks for the beer.

Matt: You're welcome.

(Matt watches the Mayor walk away and catches sight of Nadia, the girl from Prague.)

Matt: No way.

(He follows her across the street into an alleyway.)

Matt: Nadia?

Nadia: You remember me.

Matt: Yeah, I remember you. You got Rebekah and me drunk and robbed us.

Nadia: But it was fun until then, no?

Matt: How did you know how to find me?

Nadia: Let's skip the 'how' and get to the 'why'.

(Nadia holds out her hand, the Gilbert ring sitting in her palm.)

Nadia: This wasn't mine to take.

Matt: You traveled 4000 miles to give me back a ring?

Nadia: Hey, if you don't want it...

Matt: No, I want it.

(Nadia takes Matt's hand and slides the ring onto his finger.)

Nadia: It looks better on you, anyway.

(Suddenly a man appears behind Matt and grabs his head.)

Gregor: Jaryakat a zem. Daryeet acza.

(Matt's eyes turn black. He blinks and they return to normal, then he collapses.)

Rebekah: HEY!! What the hell are you doing to my man bitches?

(Nadia and Gregor leave in a flash)

Rebekah: Matt are you okay? Wake up love.

(Matt slowly opens his eyes)

Matt: What happened.


(Caroline, Bonnie and Tyler listen to Elena's voicemail on Megan's phone.)

Caroline: Delete.

(She hits the necessary button. She and Elena arrive at the door to their room, which is ajar. Elena cautiously pushes the door open.)

Elena: Someone's been in here.

Caroline: Megan's tablet's gone.

Tyler: This is way too creepy.

Bonnie: Dido.

Elena: Along with her so-called suicide note. Can I see the phone for a second?

(Caroline hands it over and Elena looks through the photos in it.)

Caroline: It just doesn't make any sense. First, the roommate we're not supposed to have might know about vampires, and then happens to be killed by a vampire, and now the school's covering it up? Seriously, who is this girl?

Elena: Whatever's going on, it's not just about our roommate. It's about me.

(She holds up the phone to show Caroline a photo.)

Elena: That's Megan – with my dad.

(Tyler and Caroline look at each other while Bonnie observes the photo herself)


(Mayor Hopkins addresses the town from the stage. Bonnie stands among them, invisible.)

Rudy: I hope everyone enjoyed the party?

(The crowd cheers.)

Rudy: It is – it is truly great to have an end-of-summer tradition. My daughter has her own end-of-summer tradition of over-indulging in the cotton candy. (laughter) Now she's off traveling the world and sending her old man postcards from all her great adventures. Family is one of our core values in Mystic Falls. It's what this block party celebrates. Family as community – Stefan?

(Silas walks onto the stage, interrupting.)

Silas: Do you mind if I say a few words?

Rudy: Maybe when we're done here.

Silas: I'll take it from here, Mayor.

(He uses his mind control on the mayor, who steps back.)

Bonnie: Oh, my god.

Silas: (to the audience) You're probably wondering how I did that. Well, it's pretty basic mind control. But, until now, it's been fairly limited to one person at a time. But this summer, I have consumed an immeasurable amount of blood, and I've felt myself getting stronger and stronger every day. And I started to wonder: what are the limits to my powers? How many people can I influence? Two? Ten? An entire town square? Everyone stop talking.

(The square falls silent.)

Silas: Well, that worked. Now let's try this: No one make a sound, or move a muscle.

(The square is utterly still. Silas walks over to the mayor onstage, pulls out his knife and slits his throat. Bonnie screams in agony, unheard by anyone. She runs to the stage and crouches over her father, sobbing as she watches him die.)

Klaus: And I thought I was the messy, psychotic villain?

Silas: My rival.

Rain: Who sent you?

Silas: Oh look. The entire family has arrived.

(Divina appears)

Shinichi: Sis? This is the location.

Silas: Now that we have your attention, listen up. There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Drake.

(Drake appears)

Klaus: You were dead.

Katherine: Impossible.

Drake: Another war will give me everything back thanks to your mut friends Katerina. Selling us out for your own self gain. You selfish Bitch!

Mason: Watch your damn mouth chump!

Alaric: Easy. Keep calm. We cannot play with him nor along with him.

( Everyone tries to fight Drake, but Silas and Divina hold them off until Bonnie and Lucy step in)

Rain: Stop this mad nonsense!!

(Rain heals Bonnie's father and revives him)

Rain: There will another way to do this Drake.

Drake: Enlighten me.

Rain: Winner take all! Tournament style.

Drake: Better train young warrior. I am weak at this time so you have very little time.

Rain: Is that a threat?

Drake: You'll see.

(Drake, Silas and Divina leave)

(Bonnie's dad wakes up. Damon compels him to forget what happened and the party continues like nothing happened)

Drake: Home at last.









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